Cerge TR’d into life 5

Sometime just after midnight Oct 18, I finally got around to TR’ïng Cerge into his cleric life. See the build plan here. As always, I do the before and after pictures.

Cerge: 1 cleric/ 19 favs/ 8 epic morninglord     Cerge: 3 monk/ 4 fighter/ 8 cleric morninglord


I really don’t like his looks in the black robes, if I hadn’t ran out of TP, I would have gotten him cosmetic armor. Hopefully I can do something about his looks later. I also did a small miscalculation when planning this build. The idea was to do centered kensei with focus on heavy blades… but after levelling him up to 15 and looking at the enhancements, I learned that I cannot take One with the Blade until I have 8 levels of fighter, which I won’t have until level 20. So, I cannot use heavy blades until then. Ninja spy allows me to use light blades, though, so I will just stick with light blades until level 20.

Alright, that’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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