And then there was Update 23

Update 23 brought us epic Orchard of the Macabre. The 4 flagging quests on epic and a new epic raid, The Mark of Death. On launch day (Monday Sept 29) Osi came with me into epic Orchard and we 2 manned Inferno, Fleshmakers and Vol ee. I was having some problems with some of the mobs… in Inferno the magmas kept hurting me a lot, in Fleshmakers I got stunned and commanded, and in Vol I was quelled over and over.

In Inferno I also broke my eSOS, and had to use an alternative weapon on Cinnis.

Fleshmakers had a new boss. Instead of fighting the air ellie as before (heroic), you now fight Mentau (the fleshmaker)

Vol is in my opinion the easiest of the four, and the boss fight is also pretty easy.

As it took a while for us to finish the 3 first quests, we decided to leave Ghosts for the next day, and then run it with pug.

After which Osi wanted to check out the raid… on EE. Just me and him in there, Mcwitty watched from behind the barrier. When Osi ran out of sp he ran up to melee Abbot (since I had already died from his energy burst twice), just to suicide.. and I followed suit a little while later. Check out our hp.

The next day (I think it was) I did my first three runs of the raid, and in the second run I looted this:

I quickly learned that Abbot’s energy burst hurts, so I switched to ranged.

I ran a couple of more runs with the same group the next day… and then I was away for the weekend. Got back on Sunday, and joined the 1st MoD lfm I saw, lol.

I did one run with these ppl, then joined Matrix’s lfm for another one. Maidae was ransacked after that one, so I switched to Cerge. We ended up lagging too much to complete, so Cerge did not get a completion.

Ok, so there was a hot fix last Friday (Oct 3), which sorted some issues, like a loot issue in MoD, and the chain reward (chain reward was not giving correct loot). Ppl who had not done their 20th of the raid, could now get a 20th list (before the hotfix they did not), which includes all named items from the raid. The chain reward list for epic Orchard gives you a chance to get the named items that drop in the quests.

As with every update, at first there are bugs that have slipped through Lamannia, or just were not there, while showed up on live. Since the hotfix ppl have noticed that even though you can flag and run the raid at lower levels, you cannot retake the raid until you’re at least lvl 26.  There are some other bugs as well that hopefully will be fixed in the next hotfix or patch.

So, keep reporting bugs and let’s hope Turbine is able to solve as many as possible before the next patch.

Ok, before I end this post, I’d like to mention a few things I liked/ didn’t like and noticed were different.

– No sigil pieces or Litany (quest) needed to flag for the new raid. You run the quests, turn them in and you’re flagged. Do remember to pick the epic version of the quest up, or you will not be flagged (no red door/ window warning).

– New bosses and mobs in most of the quests. Vol has vampire priestesses, Inferno has magmas and liches, Fleshmakers has casters that stun and command you and the boss is Mentau, not air ellie. Ghosts has a lot of liches and Cholthulzz spams you with con damage, so you quickly become helpless or die if you don’t get restoration.

– The quests aren’t that difficult really, the biggest problem is Cholthulzz, and that’s how it’s always been as far as I can remember

– The new raid isn’t as difficult as I expected, especially not after you’ve been in there a few times and have some tactics. I’ve run it with 3 different groups now (channel, Matrix and OR) and they all did it a little bit differently. I’m waiting it out a bit to see different tactics before I post my own.

– I like that you get named loot from chain reward, I plan to farm the chain on my toons.

Alright, that’s all I can think of right now. Waiting for the next hotfix/ patch.

Thank you for stopping by and take care.

P.S. I flagged Maidae on eE with Osi, Cerge eH with other guildie, Thaz solo eN. Me and guildie farmed side chests in Inferno eE, but nothing dropped, and then I ran the chain once more on Maidae eN for chain reward.

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