My life in a box


After several days, I finally got my stuff packed. 27 large boxes, 7 small + all the stuff that doesn’t fit in a box. I’m bringing my bed, computer table + chair, laundry machine, flower table, TV + table, dvd shelves × 4 and degu cages. I really hope we can fit everything in the truck.


Things change

Each time there is a new update with a new raid, I tend to wait for ppl to learn it, and then join someone with knowledge so they can teach me. I then try to join different groups to see what different tactics the different groups use… I usually select my own tactics based on what I’ve learned for when I post the raid myself. When it comes to The Mark of Death, I haven’t needed to post for the raid at all, in fact my toons keep getting ransacked, and I don’t have a toon to run that isn’t, lol. Most of the runs I’ve done I’ve done with Adenai, I did some with Cleazy and some with Matrix. Key has been doing MoD marathons a few times a week, and I’ve enjoyed them them most. The runs have been somewhat efficiently run, even though almost pure pug runs, but still quite relaxed. Conversations have been light and friendly. 🙂

So, I looked for some screenies from the runs, just for some documentation on the groups.

Maidae, with Adenai, short man attempt

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Maidae TR 4

So, I just TR’d Maidae into her 5th life. Here are the before and after pictures.

Maidae: 2 paladin/ 6 monk/ 12 fighter                       Maidae: 6 monk/ 9 fighter

I don’t like the pdk look, but let’s hope I get used to it. And as always, the colors are a bit off. Her hair was supposed to be dark purple, in the picture it looks brown.

Anywho, that’s all. Ta-ta.

P.S. Check out the build plan here.

Goodbye Andybot

I participated in the Mabar event for the first time October-November 2012. At first the event didn’t interest me a whole lot, but then I got really into it and spent a lot of time there (search for mabar on my blog to see the posts I wrote about it). I was doing some runs with my friend Andy (the nickname I gave him), and he told me to make a vet 2 1 wizard/ 6 cleric mabarbot to use to farm motes. He ended up nagging so much, that I gave in lol. As payback I named the toon Andybot (see my post about it here). I really wasn’t a big fan of Andybot. I think I only ran him until the dragon chamber opened, and for one opening. Then I switched to Maidae, who I believe was a lvl 20 monk at the time. I learned that running a higher level toon would give you more motes than a lower level one, as for the higher level toons you’d get more bones (which give you the most motes), while the lower level toons get more opals (the least amount of motes).

Anywho, now, 2 years later, I’ve never played this toon, and I’ve kept him as a bank toon. I’ve never done favor runs on him or anything, so I decided to turn a couple of iconics into bank toons, and delete Andybot and Mosylicious, who was another never played vet 2.

Bye bye Andybot.

So, I took a new picture…

🙂 I got my hair cut and straightened at the hairdresser’s today, and showed a pic on twitter and to some friends, including Osi. He said it looked very Matrix, and then made me this…

😀 lol

I tried the mirror of glamering

I was complaining on twitter about being out of TP and unable to buy cosmetic armor for Cerge. Rest suggested the mirror to me, and looking at the cost, I decided to try it out. Here’s the result. What do you think?

You can compare this look with his previous looks here and here. I’m unsure if I like his brown hair, though.

That’s all folks. 🙂

I haz bought the cranium rat bundle

I really wanted to buy a wraith from the store… but turns out they didn’t have one right now. The cranium rat bundle was not that expensive, so I decided to get that one instead. I named the purple one FatHamster (I call one of my degus ‘chubby hamster’, cause she’s so round and soft), the black one BlackBeauty (after Anna Sewell’s novel) and the gray one ZombieRat (just Zombie wasn’t allowed). And then I decided to make some gifs… Click on the images below to view animation.

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Cerge TR’d into life 5

Sometime just after midnight Oct 18, I finally got around to TR’ïng Cerge into his cleric life. See the build plan here. As always, I do the before and after pictures.

Cerge: 1 cleric/ 19 favs/ 8 epic morninglord     Cerge: 3 monk/ 4 fighter/ 8 cleric morninglord


I really don’t like his looks in the black robes, if I hadn’t ran out of TP, I would have gotten him cosmetic armor. Hopefully I can do something about his looks later. I also did a small miscalculation when planning this build. The idea was to do centered kensei with focus on heavy blades… but after levelling him up to 15 and looking at the enhancements, I learned that I cannot take One with the Blade until I have 8 levels of fighter, which I won’t have until level 20. So, I cannot use heavy blades until then. Ninja spy allows me to use light blades, though, so I will just stick with light blades until level 20.

Alright, that’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

Say Hi to Blueball for me?

Once in a while when playing I end up turning my camera so someone or something is blocking my view. Once in a while it’s one of my cosmetic pets. So, I’d like to introduce you to my blue macaw Blueball. Say hello.

Next.. I must make a gif. Wouldn’t that be cool? lol.

Until next time….

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First life clerics can’t solo EE’s

Back in spring of 2012 when I first capped Thaz (I took months to cap because I was determined to run every quest at level), someone told me that Thaz would never be allowed into high level raids. Since then, more than one person has told me to TR Thaz, that clerics need past lives to be any good, etc. It has become my mission to prove, that a first life cleric can do just about anything, as long as you have some gear and tactics.

I do know that her dps is much lower than other builds, and most likely lower than it could be if she had past lives. It takes me much longer to solo an ee than for Osi, and I’m rather squishy, so I have to kite + heal constantly or I’ll die. But the fact that it isn’t super easy, make it much more exciting. I am constantly worried about dying, lol.

I was told that I would have nothing to do in ee gianthold at level. I was curious to test this, and chose the fastest of the gianthold quests, Trial by Fire. What did I learn? I could neg level all non red named trolls, and the spiders were dying from my blade barriers. I could even insta kill mobs with destruction after neg leveling them. Yes, I did end up using some pots, and I didn’t finish the quest as fast as some others, but I finished it without dying.

Here is the video:

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