I want you to get excited about your life

I hear dr Phil’s voice in my head when I say those words (see Dr Phil House Intro Theme Episode). U23 was just out in ddo, and I will soon post a blog about my experience in epic Orchard, but right now I would like to talk about me, us, ppl, players. Why do you play ddo? What is it that keeps you coming back? Mmo’s can have an addictive effect. Are you addicted and if so, why? Have you thought about it? Does it affect your personality?

For me, it’s rather simple. I’m an introvert. I don’t like ppl. I don’t like the sounds they make or the smells that surround them. Most of the time I want ppl to stay away from me, and I keep my headphones on at work, so I won’t hear the ppl around me. Sometimes my headphones don’t block out the sound well enough and I feel irritated. But at the same time I want company. I want to be acknowledged and appreciated, I want attention. I want to be part of the world and I want to be remembered. 18 years ago I for the first time went on a chat. It excited me, it was fun. 3 years later I was spending a lot of my free time getting to know new ppl in chat rooms, some who I then swapped emails with and allowed to get to know me better.

For a long time I’ve found it difficult to get to know ppl irl, I lock up and I want to just leave. From the safety of my own home I open up and let the others see the real me. When I started playing ddo I was scared and nervous, but soon found I really enjoyed sharing this experience with others. To me ddo was another social media where I could talk with ppl from the safety of my own home. I’ve also always enjoyed playing games and I’m fairy competitive, so I fit right in. Another thing that I noticed was that I enjoy taking charge. I might be really scared of new things, but when I get over the initial fear, I actually really enjoy the responsibility. I want to look out for my group and I want us to succeed.

I have met different kinds of ppl with different attitudes towards the game, and I have let them influence my own attitude. There are some ppl, that have come to to play an important role, though, and they keep me grounded. Having nice things and reaching certain goals in the game should never come before the ppl you play with. I enjoy playing this game, but if it wasn’t for the ppl in it, I would have quit ages ago.

So, what happens when we let the game become more important than ppl? When we become nasty and unfriendly and rude? When things don’t excite us anymore, and all we see are the nerfs? Maybe that is the time to quit? The game is supposed to be fun… if it is no longer fun, if it is affecting your life and the ppl around you.. maybe it’s time to look for something else?

So, to quote dr Phil, “I want you to get excited about your life”.. because this life is all you get.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.


7 comments on “I want you to get excited about your life

  1. \o/ Finally a Micki’s questionnaire!


    Objective: answer to Micki’s questions about your life and ddo.

    “Why do you play ddo?”

    Because my mommy said so. I mean.. because i still have a guild and someone that wants me there, or i would have already gone.

    “What is it that keeps you coming back?”

    Basically Micki, she keeps doing her saturday’s raids and want me into some ee quests too. I think she’s waiting the time to me to die so she can have the guild. 😐

    “Are you addicted and if so, why?”

    I was addicted for not having a stronger and nicer source of “life”, then my life changed and i found that the most important thing we have are ourselves, because if the game no longer exists we still exist, but if we don’t exist the game can still exist but we can’t play it anyways… and also for many others reasons..!!! Now i am addicted only to love. \o/ ❤ :]

    "Have you thought about it?"

    Once i've finished to think about it, i started to think to the others that were still trapped into this kind of matrix, unable to look over the game and all. I was trying to find a way to awake them too, but found out that is really hard to do so, because many of them are so convinced and rooted in what they do and think, that they will surely put themselves in a defensive state and may also hurt you.

    "Does it affect your personality?"

    Ofc, what we do, almost always affects our state. Not always on the same way, all depends by what we are focused on.

    "What happens when we let the game become more important than ppl?"

    We can finally not fall into love stories that broke our heart. LOL
    Well, we become like stod.. emh.. we become focused mostly on it and we may also think that the other players are just machines..!!! We already know the consequences of this and the reason, most of the times, belongs to how the real life was and is, for many traumas that weren't solved.

    "When we become nasty and unfriendly and rude?"

    We close the door of the empathy right after we got the trauma of "the others hurted us so bad, we can't forgive them anymore and we'll reserve the same treatment for the others so they can pay too", which is a really sad way to solve the things.. but wait.. no, that will not solve, it will get wrost and wrost, until you get that you are not going anywhere. (it's very nice when you get it, so you can finally change in a better way!)

    "When things don’t excite us anymore, and all we see are the nerfs?"

    We should "try to see gold also in the simple things". When we start to see that the game changes in a way we may not like, we have to pay attention also on the positive sides, watching what is still ok for us and that, in the end, we still have many people and friends to stay with.

    "Maybe that is the time to quit?"

    The time to quit arrives when the game doesn't give you anything anymore (and i'm not talking of items, because you could still have many items to collect but if you are doing it like a crazy machine, just for get them, just quit, you lost the real purpose of the game), or/and when you don't have anyone left there to talk and have fun with (assuming you ever had someone X_X).

    "The game is supposed to be fun… if it is no longer fun, if it is affecting your life and the ppl around you.. maybe it’s time to look for something else?"

    Most of the times, a long time out of the game, really helps. You don't have to change the game, but simply don't play it for weeks or months. For me worked to do other games too but also to find other things that are not a game. Everyone should know how to manage his/her own life; if don't, then can start work on it, instead spending too much time on the game. :]


    The test is done..!!! I hope i get promoted. :]

  2. Thoughtful post Micki!! I’m much more of an introvert as well but I don’t really consider myself shy. I just don’t go out of my way to make myself known but I do enjoy company, so I’m a mixed bag I guess.

    I just really enjoy the experience of hanging out with some like minded friends in DDO. That is the primary reason why I play. But I also like to build my characters, to explore the game world, and to relax in game. I also found this to be a relaxing hobby in more ways than one (playing, blogging, community involvement, etc.). I just have found DDO to be a simple and yet effective hobby.

    The real trick for me is making sure I balance my time appropriately. I am married and so I like to make sure I have an adequate balance between family life and hobby times. So although I do play quite a bit, I don’t tend to go overboard :).

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