And then there were two

I made a toon on Cannith back in May 2012 (see Starting over on a new server),  to join Shin’s guild that he had made for myddo writers (mostly). I quickly joined up with Nessana and Domfig (Noob…something was his toon), and we were later joined by Keava and Rilosa. Domfig left us because of irl stuff.. and Keava jumped ship after some disagreements about how to run quests. So left were me, Nessana and Rilosa. We were one time joined by Godscraft and Komrax, but they only ran with the group once and never came back (the toons are still in the guild). Catonrocks joined us after we were a bit into our TR and he stayed with us up until this week, when he announced that he’s not coming back. Nessana left us some weeks ago, because he had gotten tired of ddo and was quitting it all together.

We hit 20 not too long ago, we’ve flagged for CitW and last and this week we ran epic 3bc… even though they were a bit tough for us. My toon hit 23 last week, the others are/ were still 22.  I have been thinking of bringing my toon to Orien, but at the same time it’s fun to see how the other servers are doing.. it feels different. I’m not sure if I’m ready to quit on Cannith yet.

Some pics from this week:

The trio in Prove your worth

After Cat left us, I posted for a VON raid. This is Keronna’s first VON this life. She did a lot better than I expected.

And here is my wraith.. I mean pm henshin Keronna. I need to adjust her enhancements a bit.

That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by and see you around.


5 comments on “And then there were two

  1. Yeah, Shin and I used to run just about every night on Cannith (except Fridays – Fridays are Thelanis night). But Shin has a new schedule which has him up earlier than before, so he hasn’t been able to run much of anything lately, not even on Cannith Tuesday night (where we’re normally joined by Even and LrdSlvrhnd). Although, he did surprise us by running this past Tuesday. We also ran some e3BC.

  2. Unfortunately I have a number of friends who left DDO a few years ago, primarily because of in real life changes (getting married, having kid etc,). I do keep up with them still (I send our guild newsletter each week to them through email) but I doubt many will come back. But I’m hopeful :).

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