Thaz eTR 2; I changed her looks

… and I’m not sure I like it. Thaz has been blond with blue eyes, pink lips and the same hair style since the first lesser reincarnation I did back in early 2012. The other toons have all changed, I thought I’d change Thaz a bit too. She has the same hairstyle, and blue eyes, but I gave her purple hair, greenish skin, bright red lips and a chin piercing. It only hit me after I did it, that her cosmetic armor is also purpleish, so, she’s gonna be very purple.

I guess if I really hate her looks, I do have some blond hair dyes in the bank.
Here’s the before and after:


And here a closer look:

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


6 comments on “Thaz eTR 2; I changed her looks

  1. Well ofc, everyone usually doesn’t like much to show the real aspect of the self. But it’s ok, you finally did it!!! All now will know that Thaz was a lizard in the end.. :]

    I’ve already found her new boyfriend:

    See? he has some purple too. :] :] :]

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