The importance of .. stuff

Someone called me a try-hard in relation to ddo, and told me it’s the reason things haven’t always gone my way. I was thinking about it, and they’re sort of right. At times, when there is something I want badly, I tend to get a bit obnoxious. I want it, I want it right away and I will do almost anything to get it… which in ddo has had a tendency to backfire. Or at least partially, as my behavior changes from the person I usually am, to this arrogant, bossy, stressed person. Or it used to.

I know I have been talking about Osi a lot. Of the ppl I have met in ddo, I feel like he’s one of the ppl who’s influenced me the most – and in a good way. Oh, he can be cocky, he makes fun of me and he tells me to do things differently than I do.. which I ignore and do things my way anyway, lol. But he has this calm when it comes to pugs. He knows what he can and cannot do, and this calm confidence has spread to me. He’s also kept saying that ddo is a game, and that being good at a computer game doesn’t make you a better person, but that we should care about people as people, not about the character they portrait.

A lot has changed the last year or so for me in ddo. A year ago I was still searching for my place and I badly wanted to belong. I badly wanted a raiding guild for a chance to raid more. Then what happened was that a friend introduced me to a group of ppl who had decided to start running ee FoT regularly, and I started running with them. When U21 was out, I ran the new raids for the first time with this group, and the next few Deathwyrm runs I did, I ran with one person from the group. Then he told me to start leading them… and I dragged a guildie of mine in there to learn the puzzles.

I guess I kind of copied some of these ppl, because they were farming the raids to get the 20th completion, and I decided to do the same. I joined a few others’ runs, but many of the runs I hosted myself and for a few weeks I was running these raids every day… and on Sundays multiple runs.  I got a 20th completion on both raids on 3 toons, and then I lost most inspiration to run them. As a matter of facts, raids in general lost most of their charm. I still do the weekly raid marathon with Osi.. because I enjoy raiding with him, and I have ppl who wait for them, but the excitement I used to have for raids has slowly faded.

What I have learned, though, is that ppl like me a lot better when I stick to being calm, confident and helpful. So, this is what I try to do. Having played ddo for a while now, and having built up a little bit of confidence in my toons and my skills, it has become easier. I have also done a lot more solo’ing lately than I ever did before, and I’m learning quests so I can lead better. I mean, I lead raids, but my quest knowledge has generally been poor.

Okidoke, I’m not going to bore you with more, so thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

3 comments on “The importance of .. stuff

  1. “Someone called me a try-hard in relation to ddo”

    Only ddo? =P

    “to this arrogant, bossy, stressed person”

    Ok, ways to fix this can be several. What i can suggest is:

    – Find a way to put some phrases written on the game or with some paper around the monitor of your pc! You can write things like: ddo it’s just a game; first comes the fun and then the rest; respect all, even when others can’t understand you; etc..
    You may notice, on the other hand, that the game itself could have some other subliminal messages too (things about competition etc..), well, ignore them. :]

    – Stay most of the time with people, new or old, that have not been influenced much from the game; people that inspire you good qualities and all.

    – Try to remember yourself, sometimes, that the main purpose is to be happy and reduce the stress; it’s not to get stressed with quests and raids to become happy.. which means put a stop when you need a rest, like when i log earlier when i am tired of raids. If you can’t just stop, then find another way to make the things easier but still doing what you like.

    – Another way could be to put an hammer, with a remote control up your head, that will smash you for good when is needed. :]
    NOTE: don’t do this at home.

    “he tells me to do things differently than I do.. which I ignore and do things my way anyway, lol”

    Yes, yes, keep that way. My 2° point was for the other people anyways. :]

  2. It is definitely important to remember that DDO is just a game. It is a source of entertainment and it shouldn’t be source of stress at all. Don’t get me wrong, feeling anxious and worried about intense boss fights and quests is part of the game, but that should be part of the fun of the game and the excitement, not increases to your stress level. I try to take that philosophy as much as possible.

    LOL, and playing tired is never a good idea…I know that as well from personal experience :).

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