Solo EEs on a not capped toon? Yes pls

I keep watching videos of lvl 28 toons that solo this and that epic elite quest. I would assume that these ppl most likely have at least some of the best gear available and have built their toon for solo’ing EEs. I can’t help but find their videos dull after a while. Yes, I like watching them now and again to learn tactics, I enjoy learning tactics, but the quests don’t seem to be much of a challenge for them. And no challenge tends to mean that the player gets bored after a while.

I have been working on building better toons and gearing them somewhat well. I used to be scared of trying difficult tasks, but now I want to challenge my toons, I want to see what they can do. Or maybe what I can do with them? So, I’ve been running higher level quests on a higher difficulty at a lower level, to see if my toon can 1. kill stuff and 2. not die.

In my opinion, all three of my epic toons on Orien are EE ready. All of them can solo EE’s, but I pick and choose a bit what I try to solo. Some quests are just not worth the effort, in my opinion, as it costs too much (time and resources – for me anyway). Impossible Demands is the shortest and fastest EE quest I know, so it’s usually the one I pick when I wish to test my toon in an EE quest.  Lately it’s been Cerge on his fvs life that I’ve been testing, before the recent eTR I solo’d it on him at lvl 23, this time I decided to try it at 21.. and to record it.

My advice? Don’t try to solo EE’s under level when you’re tired and a bit irritated. You’ll play like poop and just get more irritated. I went into the quest, died a couple of times and gave up. Switched toons to run some other EE’s with a friend, then back to ID. I did a total of 4 attempts, exciting the quest on death in the 3 first ones. The 4th one was the one where I managed to finish the quest without dying.

The reasons for deaths were: knocked down by comet fall and killed, a failed save on flesh to stone and killed – twice. I also kept not finding my buttons when I was trying to hit my spells, etc. Don’t play when you’re tired, lol. Anywho, here’s the video where I didn’t die.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great rest of the week.


7 comments on “Solo EEs on a not capped toon? Yes pls

  1. A great deal of metagaming and experience with your build makes up for poor gear/being underleveled 🙂 I solo’d EE Partycrashers on my Fighter/Ranger/Rogue mutt despite being 22 at the time. But, I know that quest better than most from soloing it on the old epic setting. 😉

    P.S. Sometimes you have to play matador with the General Manager, especially when he gives his tell that he’s about to charge. He’s too dangerous to be in melee range most of the time without a lot of self-healing/damage mitigation.

  2. I have to admit, I’m not confident yet with my characters that are above level 20 to try to do many epic elite’s on solo. My characters just don’t have the gear right now and I’m not very familiar with the epic quests out in Eveningstar. I’m getting much more familiar with the epic quests in Stormreach though. At the moment, trying things on epic hard is a challenge for me, lol :).

    • 🙂 generally I don’t like soloing at all, so I don’t do a whole lot of these, just once in a while to see if my toon is any better than he was before.

      Good luck with the soloing, though

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