Cerge eTR’d

My plan with Cerge was to combine eTr and TR, to always do eTR and right after TR… until I made him into an iconic. It didn’t hit me until I was well on the way to 28, that I can’t eTR+TR if I’ve made him iconic. So, I decided I was going to do one eTR this life before TR’ing into the next class (Cerge does a different class every life). As I had not planned to do eTR, I didn’t do a whole lot of sagas on the way to 28 and at 28 I didn’t want to play him too much, so after eTR I only had 2 sagas to pick up, and he only reached 21.

Here’s Cerge’s before and after, I decided to change his looks a bit.

Here’s his enhancements (I may need to adjust them a bit to make him more powerful) .

Here’s his stats at 21.

Then, I was just done adjusting his quickbars when someone was asking for ppl to come join eH FoT. I figured, what the heck, let’s give it a try… even though I’ve never tried to run FoT on a toon lower than lvl 23 before. To my surprise, not only did he have no problems running FoT, but he didn’t die and he even got some kills.

And after FoT the leader wanted to do eH CitW. I decied to stay on. I took Ana, and not only did Cerge do really well, but we got the 6th chest (i.e. I took well enough care of Ana), and Cerge had the 3rd most kills in the group. The one monk had 90+ kills, the other fvs 47, and Cerge 3rd with 41. I was pretty pleased. 🙂

Okidoke, that’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.



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