Maidae eTR 2

I may have said this before, but I’ve been playing 4 epic toons of late (+ my baby druid with sis). 3 of the epic toons I had eTR’d.. and was levelling back to 28. Thaz I capped the other day, Cerge is close to cap and Maidae I decided to finish sagas on. Since eTR I have been running ee sagas on Maidae, up to Wheloon. But Storms Horns I decided to solo on eH instead. This meant that I would not get true elitist reward on 2 of the eStar sagas.

I was weighing it back and forth, wait for ppl to join my lfm for eE Storms Horns… or just solo eH? I chose the second. Tuesday I ran Tracker’s Trap, Lines of Supply, Breaking the Ranks and A Break in the Ice, after which I joined a Deathwyrm run to help a friend out. The quests took 20 min, 20 min, 12 and 16. I could have done Breaking the Ranks faster, but one of the gnolls was hiding and it took me a few min to realize it.

Wednesday I finished the chain with What Goes Up… which took 50 min and earned me 230k xp. I still needed either Don’t Drink the Water or In the Belly of the Beast on ee to finish one saga, and I decided to do Don’t Drink the Water, which capped me. I felt ready to eTR, but realise I had forgotten to do ee Tor, so lfm’d for it as well, while I adjusted my gear for 28. This was the first time I’ve run ee Tor on this build, and I thought she did pretty well.

After Tor I switched her gear to lvl 20 gear, made sure I had room in my inventory. Then I eTR’d following my build plan for Maidae 4.0. I did her enhancements and then picked up saga rewards.  I messed up one of the sagas, as I could have gotten true elitist, but due to the fact that I had one quest on hard, I only got elite reward.  And the biggest eStar saga I also only got elite reward from.  The sagas took her half way through 22.

I didn’t do her quickbars yet, though. Here’s Maidae 4.2. I tried to make her look a bit different.


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