Doing the Lamannia thing – U23

There was a point when I really enjoyed running around on Lamannia… it was like a playground where you could do anything you wanted – for free. The excitement quickly wore out, though, as Lamannia tends to be buggy and very laggy, and it usually takes a good while (for me) to do something with the tools available. But after reading some comments about epic Necro 4, I was curious to see if what they said was correct. I wanted to take my Thaz into ee Orchard and see if I could complete the quests solo. In my opinion, if my Thaz can complete them, they qualify as easy.

Well, I had just copied over the latest version of Thaz, and went straight for the usually easiest quest in Orchard, Temple of Vol. The first mistake I make, is not having my Atonement equipped and I get hit with quells intercession while going for the first key. The intercession duration is annoyingly long, but I kite the mobs around til it ends (having equipped Atonement after getting quelled the 1st time). I retrieve the first key and go for the second one. I manage to get the key fine, but get stuck in a corner on my way back and die… run away from there and use a raise cake, only to realize I dropped the keys on death. Have to go back and get them.

I die a second time when retrieving the keys as I underestimated the traps, but I manage to get the keys and open the path forward. Shrine and jump down. The previous clay golems have here been replaced with flesh golems. What are they doing in the temple? The quell “mini” boss is a CR80 red named so it takes me a while to take him out, but I manage to do so and continue on. I open the doors forward, run into the first room and am swarmed by mobs, that hit me with fear…. a fear that lasts like 2 minutes. I am helpless. I kite everything around til fear ends, only to get feared again as soon as the first one ends. At this point I die.

I stop to buy a fear immunity augment from the store and move my vitality augment to a free colorless slot so I can slot fear immunity in the yellow slot. There’s no way I’ll be able to continue without fear immunity. I rush back in, get swarmed and die again. Ok, time to slow down a little. After slowing down a little and not fully rushing into the rooms, things start to go smoother. I also start taking advantage of sunbeam and sunburst, as well as mass frog (most of the quells I could turn into frogs). I can now not remember where else I messed up, but I died a total of 6 times before reaching the end room.

The end boss herself turned out to be fairly easy for me, much easier than the “mini” boss quell earlier. I finished the quest in 48 min… and had I been better prepared I could have done it much faster. I thought about trying again, but didn’t feel like it.


Afterwards I hopped into Ghosts of Perdition ee, but already experienced a lot of issues with the first few mobs. They were liches… liches that hit me with disintegrate for ~500 points a hit. I ran past them into the room where the first brother spawns, only to decide that it’s going to take me too much time and work just to get to the doomsphere, so I gave up. After which I didn’t feel like running anything else. Do I feel like epic Orchard is too easy? Well, Vol proved to be much easier than Storms Horns and Wheloon, Ghosts annoying with the liches. The other quests I’ve yet to try.

I can’t say if I will go back and test the other two quests, we’ll see.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


2 comments on “Doing the Lamannia thing – U23

  1. It is interesting to hear that as a cleric you were hit with fear, I know you have a huge will save. I will have to remember that whenever I get in there. I was figuring that Ghost of Perdition would be extremely annoying…having liches right away just makes me think how annoying it will be, lol.

    • 🙂 yes, I’ve never bothered to slot fear immunity on Thaz, as it’s never been an issue (my melee has it, as she got helpless a lot because of fear)… but in Vol Thaz just got helpless right away from fear, so it was impossible to continue without it.

      🙂 If I can be bothered I may go back and try the other quests as well.

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