We have the Kraken!

I got home late last night from my trip, and spent the rest of the time before I went to bed sorting my photos and writing a short blog about the trip. Today I logged on to ddo for the first time in 16 days… and was surprised to learn that my guild now has the Daedalean Kraken. 🙂 After the changes to the guild airships and the release of the new ones, Osi and I were talking about getting the Kraken, as it is the biggest ship and it does not have a minimum level, unlike the old ships.

I’ve been selling some stuff on the auction house trying to earn a bit of shards for the guild, and Osi has been farming for named loot to sell. We are a small guild, with only a few active members, and Osi does not like to ask for help from the guildies for things like astral shards.  So, it took us a bit longer than some of the more active larger guilds, but we finally got the Kraken!

The guild is currently half way through level 112. We are only 7 active accounts, of which 3 mostly TR, 2 eTR (I’m counting myself here too), one guy just returned after a 6 month break, and Osi doesn’t actively play anymore. But we’re moving forward slowly and steadily. 🙂 I’m in no hurry to quit this game, so it doesn’t bother me much that we’re not at 150+ competing with the other guilds to earn renown.

Anywho, that’s all from me for now. Tc and see you in game.


3 comments on “We have the Kraken!

  1. The present is the only moment we have to feel the reality. 🙂 I’m sure when you’ll quit DDO will be not a loss, since all the good moments you had will be still with you.

    Kiss from Ale. o/

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