Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison

I am currently levelling two epic divine dc casters. Thaz as a pure cleric at lvl 25, and Cerge as 1 cleric/ 18 fvs at lvl 27. Thazara is an elf and Cerge a morninglord, so technically also an elf. And both have blond hair, lol. What’s been puzzling me for a while is that although I’ve felt like Cerge is a strong enough toon to run epic elite quests under level since he hit 20, I’ve still felt like Thaz was better. When I was playing Thaz things were just dying faster and she was gathering up a lot of kills, even though she was several levels lower than Cerge at the time.

I have built them similar, but while Thaz is still a healer, Cerge is not. I play them similar, but I’ve focused Thaz on light casting, while Cerge is meant to be a bb kiter. I do like playing my fvs, but no matter how I turn it, I keep coming back to feeling like Thaz is just better. The other reason why this is puzzling, is because Cerge is on his 4th life (past lives: sorc, wiz and bard) with two epic past lives (colors of the queen, and power over life and death), while Thaz is still on her first heroic life, with only the one epic past life (power over life and death).

I have geared them a little bit differently, but both of them have the same greensteel: an hp item and a con-op sp item. Here is my comparison. I will not list their current gear as that would take more time than I have atm. Both toons are fully buffed with ship buffs, gh, own buffs, yugo pots and supreme ability in the pictures. Cerge to the left and Thaz to the right.

First a look at their gear and main hand weapon


Then a look at their stats and spellpower


And then a comparison of their spell dc of the three following spells: blade barrier, divine wrath and sun bolt. All of them with all possible metas turned on (Both Thaz and Cerge have heighten, empower and maximize).




And last but not least, their enhancements. First Cerge’s, then Thaz’s.

Thazara does have the divine disciple capstone, which gives her +2 to wisdom. But how is it possible that a first life cleric seem to be killing stuff caster than a lvl 27 fvs? Or maybe I just haven’t figured the whole fvs thing out yet, having played a cleric for 3 years now.

Okidoke, that’s all for me. I’m off to Malta tomorrow.


P.S. Looking at the pictures I see that Thaz has much higher wisdom than Cerge.


4 comments on “Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison

  1. Interesting comparison Micki!! Its going to be hard to determine a direct cause to the differences because they are geared different but part of difference is can likely due to the differences in the DCs.

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