Doing the Lamannia thing – U23

There was a point when I really enjoyed running around on Lamannia… it was like a playground where you could do anything you wanted – for free. The excitement quickly wore out, though, as Lamannia tends to be buggy and very laggy, and it usually takes a good while (for me) to do something with the tools available. But after reading some comments about epic Necro 4, I was curious to see if what they said was correct. I wanted to take my Thaz into ee Orchard and see if I could complete the quests solo. In my opinion, if my Thaz can complete them, they qualify as easy.

Well, I had just copied over the latest version of Thaz, and went straight for the usually easiest quest in Orchard, Temple of Vol. The first mistake I make, is not having my Atonement equipped and I get hit with quells intercession while going for the first key. The intercession duration is annoyingly long, but I kite the mobs around til it ends (having equipped Atonement after getting quelled the 1st time). I retrieve the first key and go for the second one. I manage to get the key fine, but get stuck in a corner on my way back and die… run away from there and use a raise cake, only to realize I dropped the keys on death. Have to go back and get them.

I die a second time when retrieving the keys as I underestimated the traps, but I manage to get the keys and open the path forward. Shrine and jump down. The previous clay golems have here been replaced with flesh golems. What are they doing in the temple? The quell “mini” boss is a CR80 red named so it takes me a while to take him out, but I manage to do so and continue on. I open the doors forward, run into the first room and am swarmed by mobs, that hit me with fear…. a fear that lasts like 2 minutes. I am helpless. I kite everything around til fear ends, only to get feared again as soon as the first one ends. At this point I die.

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Here’s Thaz

Thazara just hit 28 after her first epic reincarnation. This is the first toon I ever played past level two, and very early on I decided never to do a heroic true reincarnation on her. But since epic reincarnation was released I decided to do those on her, possibly all of them three times. Thazara’s story starts in the first week of August 2011, as a very gimpy wrongly built melee cleric, to later be changed into a melee caster and then a pure shiradi caster. With the changes to the divine EDs, I switched her main ED from Shiradi to Exalted Angel and with the first eTR her build from proc spammer to light dc caster. I still spam spells, though but rely on spell dc and power instead of Shiradi procs.

I have noticed people checking out my old Thaz blogs, and since I feel they are very out of date, I would like to show you where she currently stands on build and gear. You can see the build plan here, but for a quick overview, her starting stats were: str 8, dex 10, con 14, int 14, wis 18, cha 8. Thazara is an elf, so that’s why I started with 10 dex and 14 con. 14 int is to give me a bit more spellcraft. Heroic feats: Empower Healing Spell, Follower of the Sovereign Host, Empower Spell, Maximize Spell, Heighten Spell, Quicken Spell, Spell Focus: Evocation, Mental Toughness. Epic feats: Greater Spell Focus: Evocation, Epic Spell Focus: Evocation, Epic Destiny: Epic Spell Power: Light, Epic: Great Wisdom, (Epic Destiny) Epic Destiny: Mass Frog.  All stat level ups in wisdom.

Here are her enhancements:

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And we’re raiding again

I have been doing my Saturday night raid marathon for about 2 years. I started doing them around the time I met Cleazy. At first I was only joining other’s lfms, later I started posting my own. I looked at some of my posts from 2 years ago, and I found the first few posts where I talk about raiding Saturday (see e.g. August 5, 2012 Sort of a meh night, Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics, August 12, 2012 Saturday gaming). Looking at some of the screenies, I even found some of the ppl I still play with, including Osi on an alt. 🙂

Anywho, I was away for for 2 weeks, and therefor missed two raids Saturdays. After farming Thunderholme raids, and after doing raids with Osi for about a year (and level cap getting raised to 28), many of the raids have really lost their charm. Some of the raids I like running because the xp is still pretty good (von, adq, chrono), while others I’ve pretty much stopped doing (shroud, ToD). I don’t even run Thunderholme raids much since getting the 20th completions on the on 3 toons.

Still, I was looking forward to raiding with Osi. I don’t see him much at all anymore, and he pretty much only plays during raid night once a week. Osi logged a bit early, and I was already online on Thaz. I wanted to run Thaz this time. As usually we started with ADQ and ran eH/ eE as a 6 man group. There was a few deaths in the raid bit, but still a pretty standard run.

After ADQ Osi asked me if I need to switch toons for some raids, and I told him that yes, I’d like to do chrono, von and fot on Thaz, Thunderholme and CitW on Cerge. So Osi suggested we join someone else’s lfm for FoT, which we did. This person had been away from the game for like half a year or so, so they needed a bit of help assigning roles. This was a fun run, though. SR tank didn’t know to use spell absorption and died. So Osi took over both kiting undead and SR. I was helping dps TO til I noticed that they needed help with SR, and I got boomed but didn’t die. SR tank took over again when he was raised, we prepped him well and killing was flawless.

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We have the Kraken!

I got home late last night from my trip, and spent the rest of the time before I went to bed sorting my photos and writing a short blog about the trip. Today I logged on to ddo for the first time in 16 days… and was surprised to learn that my guild now has the Daedalean Kraken. 🙂 After the changes to the guild airships and the release of the new ones, Osi and I were talking about getting the Kraken, as it is the biggest ship and it does not have a minimum level, unlike the old ships.

I’ve been selling some stuff on the auction house trying to earn a bit of shards for the guild, and Osi has been farming for named loot to sell. We are a small guild, with only a few active members, and Osi does not like to ask for help from the guildies for things like astral shards.  So, it took us a bit longer than some of the more active larger guilds, but we finally got the Kraken!

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Da Thaz iz back!

Long time no see, I know. I have been on vacation, believe it or not. First I got invited to a wedding on Malta, one of my best friends were getting married, and then a gamer friend of mine invited me to come visit him for a week. So I decided to combine them and ordered single flight tickets Finland to Malta to Croatia and then home. This was a bit over 3 months ago.

The waiting was long, but finally the trip was here. I was stressing like crazy before the trip, to have everything sorted before I left. My sis was to stay at my place and take care of the degus. Malta was warm and we did a lot of sight-seeing and the bride and groom looked very pretty. 🙂

I did though, really look forward to flying to Croatia to meet my ddo friend. I was so nervous I was shaking when I got off the plane, but that might have been partly because I hadn’t slept much the night before, and we were drinking (tequila shots!), lol! My time In Croatia went by almost as quickly as my time on Malta, but at the end I started to really miss my own Internet connection, my computer and ddo. 🙂

At the time I’m writing this blog, it’s a bit too late for me to play ddo, and I’m tired, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to it. And while I 2 years ago only posted a picture of a beach (from my vacation in Portugal), here’s me and my ddo friend watching the sun set in Croatia. If you know him you do.. if you don’t I won’t reveal his identity. 🙂

That’s all from da Thaz for now. I’ll be seeing you in game soon… well at least if you play on Orien.


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Thaz vs Cerge, a comparison

I am currently levelling two epic divine dc casters. Thaz as a pure cleric at lvl 25, and Cerge as 1 cleric/ 18 fvs at lvl 27. Thazara is an elf and Cerge a morninglord, so technically also an elf. And both have blond hair, lol. What’s been puzzling me for a while is that although I’ve felt like Cerge is a strong enough toon to run epic elite quests under level since he hit 20, I’ve still felt like Thaz was better. When I was playing Thaz things were just dying faster and she was gathering up a lot of kills, even though she was several levels lower than Cerge at the time.

I have built them similar, but while Thaz is still a healer, Cerge is not. I play them similar, but I’ve focused Thaz on light casting, while Cerge is meant to be a bb kiter. I do like playing my fvs, but no matter how I turn it, I keep coming back to feeling like Thaz is just better. The other reason why this is puzzling, is because Cerge is on his 4th life (past lives: sorc, wiz and bard) with two epic past lives (colors of the queen, and power over life and death), while Thaz is still on her first heroic life, with only the one epic past life (power over life and death).

I have geared them a little bit differently, but both of them have the same greensteel: an hp item and a con-op sp item. Here is my comparison. I will not list their current gear as that would take more time than I have atm. Both toons are fully buffed with ship buffs, gh, own buffs, yugo pots and supreme ability in the pictures. Cerge to the left and Thaz to the right.

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Sat raids and drinking

I’ve been stressing so much over my vacation trip that I’m going on next week. So much I need to do before the trip, so little time to do it. I’ve never been away from the degus for this long (2 weeks) before, and my sister is going to be staying at my place to take care of them. After stressing another day, I was craving some alcohol. 🙂 So this Sat night I was raiding.. first tipsy and later on sorta drunk. Apparently the raid groups were amused, anyway, lol. Osi logged a bit late, but after some waiting we got going. We ran eH/eE ADQ, eH/eH VON, eE Chrono and eH CitW. Osi had the star the whole time. After CitW Osi gave me the star and we asked the group what ppl wanted to run. Deathwyrm was suggested to us, so I said I’d post for it. Osi did not want to run, so he dropped group and logged off a short while later.

I was getting pretty tipsy at this point, but I’ve run Deathwyrm enough times to be able to lead it even in my sleep, lol. Since Cerge has a bravery streak going, I wanted to do eH, not eN, and started as soon as I had a few ppl. I donno if it’s the alcohol or if I’m just otherwise playing poorly, but I manage to get myself killed by trash a few times and only do the first 2 mirror puzzles, before Cheri takes over. I try to get back to helping, but only manage to turn a few mirrors, before I’m over run by trash and dead, again. So, after a while I give up on doing puzzles and just focus on killing trash and trying to focus on my raid group.

We get to the shrine room and wait for most of the ppl who got left behind while I talk over the plan. And in we go. One person had got left dead in the red light/ green light room, so another player goes to get him (jumping off the edge takes you to the 5th puzzle area, red light/ green light is after the 6th, so you can just run through), one person grabs dragon, another battle rangers and I try my best at organizing the group as well as helping kill death lords. Everything is ok until we get to the shadow side. I start sending ppl into the portal one at a time and the ones left on the dragon side start having problems. Dragon keeper gets trash on him and no one helps, battle ranger kiter dies, dragon keeper dies, and then suddenly we get kicked out of shadow side because everyone on dragon side is dead.

We lose a couple more and I tell ppl that we need to get things under control before getting back to the phylactery hunt. I start raising ppl but then I die, some of the ppl taking raises die. It’s a bit of a mess but we manage to get everyone up and the trash situation taken care of. I assign someone as trash killer and we get back to our tasks. It turns out that not everyone in the group is able to self heal well enough to manage on their own, so after a while we start pairing ppl up. The real phylactery just isn’t showing it’s face, so after many attempts killing the phylactery in the first portal we attempt to prep 3. First try is a bust as someone breaks a phylactery too soon. Second try is a bust again, because one person dies in the room and only 2 are broken. Third try same thing, except I’m the one who manages to die in there.

We must have done this 4-5 times, but in the end we break the real phylactery. Then on to picking up the pieces and dps’ing the dragon. I get two people to volunteer for lever duty, and at this point my attention span is extremely small, I’m not following what’s going on, but I’ve lost my clothes, suddenly the dragon is down, the levers are pulled and we finish. I check the quest report, I’ve died 17 times! No wonder I lost all my clothes, lol. I did come in a strong second on kill count list, though, with 135 kills. So, even though I died a lot, I did a lot of damage too. 🙂


Someone in the group wanted to do Fire on Thunder Peak, so I posted for one, and we did a second run after it, but I gave Bruder the star. I was feeling drunk and very unfocused, so I didn’t want any responsibilities anymore. And before I was too tired to play we did an FoT run. I must say I can’t remember much of the run at all, lol, but I believe it was pretty smooth.

Okidoke, enjoy the pictures and that’s all for this time. I’ll try to do one more blog before I leave for my vacation.


P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info