Stress in ddo

Do you ever feel stressed in ddo? Do you ever feel a need to keep up, to run certain quests, hit certain levels, attain certain gear? I do. Or I have. The people around me TR, eTR, farm. I know people who are completionist, uber (3x) completionst, epic completionst. Ppl who have acquired all the gear they could ever need, all the past lives they want, etc. Some use xp stones to acquire past lives, some farm sagas.

I tried to keep up. Back in 2011 when I had just started out, I was trying to play 3 toons and still keep up with my casual friend so that we could play together when he was on. It didn’t take long before he passed me in levels and quests run, and I gave up. I decided that trying to keep up was a stress I didn’t need. I didn’t enjoy it and it didn’t really give my life value of any kind. Trying to keep up with the focused zerger was similar to this, I never bothered to try and play at someone else’s pace.

Then we have the flower sniffer or the person who enjoys playing quests and following the story. These people might not play half as fast as the zerger, but what they have is the quest knowledge. Because of the way they play, they know the quests well, they know where to go, what monsters we’re gonna meet and what tools we need. I keep wanting to be a mix of the zerger and the knowledgeable flower sniffer.

For me, my main goal in ddo has for a long while been knowlegde. And avoiding stress. I want to be able to lead ppl through dungeons, knowing what to do and how to complete the quest/ raids with the least amount of effort. I want to be able to rescue ppl who get lost, and I want to be able to give advice on builds and gear.

For me ddo is a journey. When I level a toon I want to experience my build, I want to learn things at my own pace. Sometimes this means zerging, other times it means spending longer than I need in a quest that I don’t know, just to learn it. I used to prefer to run with pugs who know quests, just so I didn’t have to spend any time on learning the quests, but more and more I’ve noticed that ppl expect me to know stuff when I lfm for a quest. As I want to be that person who knows stuff, this year I have spent a lot more time solo’ing that ever before. Sometimes because I haven’t felt like waiting, other times because I wanted to learn the quest. Soloing is the best way to do that, as you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to progress the quest.

I took Cerge into Haunted Halls last week to try and solo it. I was running it a good bit under level, epic hard at lvl 24, and I ran into a few issues: 1. I did not have the strength to open the first door and 2. I and the rogue hireling I brought with me were unable to find the secret doors. I managed to complete the quest anyway, but it meant dying in traps and taking the longer route a few times. And the rogue was more of a burden than help, as he got himself killed and ended up by the shire (man, how I don’t feel like running back to get the hireling).

All in all, I do my best at focusing on playing the game at my own pace and not allowing myself to get stressed over how others play. It is difficult at times, and I tend to feel overwhelmed by stress any time there is a mayor update to the game, and all my friends have completed the new content before me. I’m thankful that Osi still logs to run new content with me when I ask him. 🙂

Okidoke, that’s all for me for now. Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.


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