Maidae’s 1st eTR, before and after

I may have said this before, but I’m not really a melee player. It might be because I started off as a divine melee caster, that I then switched to healer and caster. Of late, I have two divine casters and I’m enjoying playing them a lot. I know the spells I use, and things die. And I can heal myself.

When I play my melees, I miss the self buffs and good heals. Still, I have one toon that’s meant to be melee and just that, and that’s Maidae. Maidae Shadow, started off as a half elf dark monk, has since then done one light monk life and one barbarian and is currently on her first fighter life. For the second time I had her sitting capped at 28, with no real inspiration to do anything more with her… well except get my 20 Abbot runs. So I figured, since I want to do the Abbots before I TR, and I can’t eTR+TR an iconic toon anyway, I may as well eTR.

July 15th Maidae did her very first eTR, and I tried to make her look a bit different.

Maidae before eTR                                 Maidae after eTR

I also decided to record the process.

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.


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