Flagging for Temple of the Deathwyrm: Finding the Emissary

A few days ago I wrote a blog about how to flag for Thunderholme raids with added videos. I was thinking about it, and it hit me, that screenshots of the path to the rares would probably help as well. So here you go. In this post I will show you how to find the Emissary.

In the first picture I have just entered Thunderholme. I run up the stairs to my right, pull the lever in the center of the floor, and take the door to the right. You can also go the the left, but I just prefer to go to the right.

Through the right door, I basically follow the left wall, until I at the north part of the map find an opening to my left. I want to locate the stairs to the north. But instead of going up the stairs this time, I pull the lever to open the door to the west.

I run down the stairs and pull a lever to open a gate to the east.

I run across the bridge and follow the path east and then south til I come to a door.

Through this door I find the lower parts of Thunderholme.

I go south, east, south, west, south, west, north, to another door and stairs. I pull a lever to open the door, and run down the stairs.

Straight ahead, in the center of this map, the Thunder Forge will be located.

I take a right from the Thunder Forge and follow the path north east, where I will find another door. I pull the lever to open the door.

I am getting closer to the emissary. From here I go east to do a puzzle.

I need to hit this crystal with the light beam to get the door to the west open. There are a few crystals to choose from, I chose this one as it’s very simple (check the video to see how I did it).

And after the puzzle is done, I can go through the door to the west.

On the other side, I can already see the raid entrance.

I need to open one more door (which is just down the stairs from the previous picture) to reach the emissary. And there she is.


After killing her, you recall and pick up the raid from Thela Bonmar in Thunder Peaks.

That is all I have for you for today.

Thank you for stopping by.



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