What is wrong with this picture?

I logged on to Cannith tonight to find this:

If it didn’t click for you right away, Lilo and Wyoh are both hirelings, and Wyoh has the star! The funny is, that except for the fact that I log on to find them in the party, they’re not even my hirelings! lol. My guildie used them last time we quested together.

Thank you for stopping by and take care. 🙂


8 comments on “What is wrong with this picture?

  1. I actually had a similar thing happen to me about a week or so ago. I logged on with my character Hamllin and ran the quest The Black Loch. After the last fight I was making my way to the treasure room when I dc’ed. When I logged back in was in the House Deneith Ward and my hireling at the time was the party leader.

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