Cerge does EE’s

It’s been a while since I ran EE’s, and even longer since I ran them with pug. I did some EE’s when I was capping Cerge last life, but then I ran with my guildie and his friends, so not exactly the same. Last weekend I ran EE ADQ2, EE Choronocope and EE VON5-6 on Cerge at lvl 21-23, and I was supriced at how well he was doing. So this week (yesterday) I decided to see if I could solo EE Impossible Demands (at lvl 23). Not only was he able to solo, but he did it faster than when I ran it on Thaz… most likely because I was less careful. I decided to lfm for the other CiTW flagging quests and I got a full party for most quests. We did chain 1 and 2, and the quests were far from flawless (it was often me that died), but we got through.

Today I wanted to finish flagging for CitW, so I lfm’d for EE Demonweb and again got a full party. Since the group felt strong and things were going well, I suggested we continue with the FoT flagging quests on EE. Cerge was lvl 24 at this point. The difference in difficulty was very noticeable. From having done semi well in the demonweb, suddenly I felt semi useless. The mobs were evading, and evading a lot. Once in a while I’d get a nice crit, and especially if the mobs were rendered unable to move by one of the other players. So, I wasn’t completely useless, but I was buring mana like crazy and I was very dependent on the others.

We did Cabal, PoP and Madstone, I was feeling very tired as we were about to start Madstone, so I was definitely not playing my best. I died, and I died, and I died some more. Killed a few mobs, and died. At least the others died too, and I threw some raises, so that made me feel a bit better. In the end we succeeded and I logged for the day.

Have a look at some pictures below, and OnMouseOver for picture info.

That is all I have for you today. Thanks for stopping by and happy hunting.

P.S. You can see my Cerge solos EE Impossible Demands here.


2 comments on “Cerge does EE’s

  1. Sounds like some good runs Micki!! Way to stick through those deaths . I haven’t quite developed the skill, tactics, or obtained the gear yet to tackle many quests on epic elite, as a result I like keeping up with your blog to see what I’m in store when I get up to the challenge, lol :).

    • 🙂 ty

      For me it’s mostly about dps… and self healing. If I have a toon that I feel does enough dps for ee, and can self heal well enough to manage, then I might do ee’s. I do feel a lot more comfortable doing ee’s on a caster type build, than on a melee, why Maidae for example has not done any ee’s this life, while I started doing ee’s on Cerge asap.

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