Sagas and more sagas

I do keep feeling like others progress a lot faster than I do. Possibly because many of the people I run with seem very focused on their goal, the past life/ lives they want to achieve, so they do what they can to achieve it as fast as possible. I not too long ago eTR’d both Thaz and Maidae, and Cerge is working his way to 28 after the last TR. With my time split, and wanting to raid and do other fun stuff, I do no progress super fast. Anyway, so I would like to do some more eTR’s before my next TR, and I’ve heard that sagas are the way to go. That, if you do a bunch of sagas, without picking up the reward, you can collect the reward after your epic reincarnation and get a good head start on your leveling back to 28. I did not do this when I eTR’d last time, but I am planning to do this for the next eTR. Of course, currently there is a bug that gives you an xp stone when you collect your saga reward (if you choose xp), and you can actually store the stone in that format. But since I am a bit worried about what will happen when this bug is fixed, I don’t think I dare to do it that way.

I am currently working on epic elite sagas on Thazara and Maidae, and will do them shortly on Cerge. Since Cerge has already run a bunch of quests on epic elite, I probably do not have as many quests to do on him.

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While everyone is playing with the new bird

Cosmetics in ddo don’t excite me much. I know some people want nice cosmetic armor, the newest cosmetic pets, glowing eyes, etc. Me, well when there’s a new pet in the store I usually check it out, and think about if I think it’s worth the price. There are some pets I think are really cool, and I feel a little bit jealous when I see others with them, while other pets don’t interest me at all. I also never bothered with cosmetic armor, until I had worn the same blue dragonscale for about 2 years.

So, there’s a new pet in the store this week, a parrot. Or, well, you can get a cockatoo or a macaw parrot. I decided to get a blue one, played around with it a little, then bought the pet I really wanted to get for Thaz. Check out her new companion, the pink-gray rusty Pinkymouse! 😛

🙂 That’s all for this time. See you around and take care.

P.S. I have not named the bird yet.

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Stress in ddo

Do you ever feel stressed in ddo? Do you ever feel a need to keep up, to run certain quests, hit certain levels, attain certain gear? I do. Or I have. The people around me TR, eTR, farm. I know people who are completionist, uber (3x) completionst, epic completionst. Ppl who have acquired all the gear they could ever need, all the past lives they want, etc. Some use xp stones to acquire past lives, some farm sagas.

I tried to keep up. Back in 2011 when I had just started out, I was trying to play 3 toons and still keep up with my casual friend so that we could play together when he was on. It didn’t take long before he passed me in levels and quests run, and I gave up. I decided that trying to keep up was a stress I didn’t need. I didn’t enjoy it and it didn’t really give my life value of any kind. Trying to keep up with the focused zerger was similar to this, I never bothered to try and play at someone else’s pace.

Then we have the flower sniffer or the person who enjoys playing quests and following the story. These people might not play half as fast as the zerger, but what they have is the quest knowledge. Because of the way they play, they know the quests well, they know where to go, what monsters we’re gonna meet and what tools we need. I keep wanting to be a mix of the zerger and the knowledgeable flower sniffer.

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Maidae’s 1st eTR, before and after

I may have said this before, but I’m not really a melee player. It might be because I started off as a divine melee caster, that I then switched to healer and caster. Of late, I have two divine casters and I’m enjoying playing them a lot. I know the spells I use, and things die. And I can heal myself.

When I play my melees, I miss the self buffs and good heals. Still, I have one toon that’s meant to be melee and just that, and that’s Maidae. Maidae Shadow, started off as a half elf dark monk, has since then done one light monk life and one barbarian and is currently on her first fighter life. For the second time I had her sitting capped at 28, with no real inspiration to do anything more with her… well except get my 20 Abbot runs. So I figured, since I want to do the Abbots before I TR, and I can’t eTR+TR an iconic toon anyway, I may as well eTR.

July 15th Maidae did her very first eTR, and I tried to make her look a bit different.

Maidae before eTR                                 Maidae after eTR

I also decided to record the process.

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That ee Zawabi’s Revenge

October 22, 2013 Thazara (1st life lvl 28 cleric)  and Osiride (20+ life lvl 28 fvs) completed ee  Zawabi’s Revenge as a duo (see 2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge). We both ran in Unyielding Sentinel ED for better survivability, Osi tanked her and kited trash and I mostly dot’ed Lailat. Since then we have been running weekly ee Zawabi’s (ADQ2) with different groups, sometimes with a full party, sometimes 6 man, sometimes less. Our weekly raid night usually contains one run of ADQ. I’ve usually been running one of my levelling toons for xp.

This Saturday we were running ADQ as normally, Osi had an lfm up and we only got one joiner, a lvl 25? swashbuckler bard. Or maybe he was 24, I don’t remember now. Osi was like “I don’t run hard”, and then says “Thazara: we’ll try ee and if we fail we do hard”. Sure says I, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I recently eTR’d Thaz, and she was only 23, but I had done one 6 man ee Zawabi’s on her already, and I trust Osi. So in we went, Osi in Sentinel meant to tank her, me in Angel since Thaz is now a divine dc caster, and always runs in Angel.

We get through the hallway, buff and start the Lailat fight. I’m not wearing any perma blur item, but I have a few displace clickies. I know I cannot handle Lailat aggro, but I keep casting my spells at her anyway, stealing aggro from Osi over and over, since his dps is a bit lower due to being in the tanking ED. The bard gets scared and recalls after the second death, while I and Osi per usual do not recall unless it’s a wipe. So we continue.

I decide to try and not pull so much aggro, so I help Osi kill off the efreetis that he’s kiting through bb’s, before focusing on Lailat. Osi is pulling her aggro and is tanking her, but over and over as he’s tanking her, I do a crit and she turns and slashes me to pieces. Running doesn’t help much. As she hits her rage mode (at ~20% hp), I switch to heal mode and let Osi finish her off. With the death penalties I’ve suffered, I’m taking quite a bit of damage from the blades and archers and I die twice because of it, and Osi has to throw me a raise. But it the end we succeeded. Yay!

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Flagging for Temple of the Deathwyrm: Finding the Emissary

A few days ago I wrote a blog about how to flag for Thunderholme raids with added videos. I was thinking about it, and it hit me, that screenshots of the path to the rares would probably help as well. So here you go. In this post I will show you how to find the Emissary.

In the first picture I have just entered Thunderholme. I run up the stairs to my right, pull the lever in the center of the floor, and take the door to the right. You can also go the the left, but I just prefer to go to the right.

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Flagging for Fire on Thunder Peak: Finding Dagan

In my previous post I wrote about how to flag for Thunderholme raids, and I had made a couple of videos. I was thinking about it, and it hit me, that screenshots of the path to the rares would probably help as well. So here you go. In this post I will show you how to find Dagan.

In the first picture I have just entered Thunderholme. I run up the stairs to my right, pull the lever in the center of the floor, and take the door to the right. You can also go the the left, but I just prefer to go to the right.

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Here’s how you flag for Thunderholme raids

I enjoy making ddo videos. I have noticed that the latest trend seems to be streaming, but I really don’t want to make an ass of myself on live camera, I prefer to record first, watch the footage, then decide if I need to cut the video or if I can upload it as it is. This is why I don’t stream.

Anywho, I was thinking about what to record next, and I figured I’d show my viewers/ followers how to flag for the Thunderholme raids. The flagging is very simple. To flag for Fire on Thunder Peak you need to find and slay Dagan: Regent Of Thunderholme, and to flag for Temple of the Deathwyrm you have to kill Sarva Ballistra: Cult of  the Dragon Emissary, which are both red named “rares”. Rare in quotation marks, because they are not rare at all, but spawn every time.

The first time I flagged for these raids, a friend of mine led me to the rares and helped me kill them, since then I’ve been flagging by myself, alone in the instance. While running around Thunderholme to familiarize myself with the area, I’ve also offered to flag other ppl in titan channel with “hey, I’m at the rare, enter the instance if you need flagging”. There is dungeon scaling, though, and the rares are much easier to kill if you do it alone.

Dagan is fairly simple to locate and kill. With blur and displace he does fairly little damage, so you can just stand there and beat him down. The dragon emissary on the other hand is rather nasty. She does a range of acid spells (and I believe the other elements as well, but acid is definitely her main). Wearing a spell absorption item will protect you from her attacks, but you still need to take her out quickly, or your item will drain and her attacks will hit you full force. The safest way is to take her out using ranged attacks, but with spell absorption and high dps melee, you’ll take her out fairly fast as well. You will have to deal with a bunch of trash too, if you don’t take them out before focusing on the emissary. One way is to activate her, then run back up the stairs to kill off trash before focusing on her. She will follow you, but a lot slower than the other mobs.

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What is wrong with this picture?

I logged on to Cannith tonight to find this:

If it didn’t click for you right away, Lilo and Wyoh are both hirelings, and Wyoh has the star! The funny is, that except for the fact that I log on to find them in the party, they’re not even my hirelings! lol. My guildie used them last time we quested together.

Thank you for stopping by and take care. 🙂