Levelling Cerge, my fvs

I have been rather busy, and Cerge hasn’t gotten much play time. After TR’ing him (into a morninglord, so 15), I almost didn’t play him at all for 2 weeks, except for doing the 150 Coin Lords and House Kundarak favor. After which I decided to solo Gianthold walkups elite. The walkups went well, so I continued with Tor flagging and then ran Tor as well to finish saga. I skipped Crucible, as it’s an annoyance with hireling (maze), and not that much fun on a non evasion toon.

After Gianthold I took 16 and headed to Orchard. I put up an lfm and we did elite: 3x Temple of Vol (+ 1 x hard), Ghosts, Fleshmakers and 3x Inferno. I took 17 and decided to farm Litany. I did the 1st Litany run solo, then someone joined my lfm and we did 2x elite +bosses normal. I finished with one hard run, and then took 18.

Yesterday I ran Disciples of Shadow chain, as I forgot to run it at 17, and today I headed to Vale. I considered lfm’ing, but I again wanted to zerg, and not wait for puggers who get lost. So I decided to solo a few. I started with Rainbow, which took me 20 min to finish, without d-door, and including doing optional beholder. Then Coal Chamber took 35 min, I skipped kill bonus optional. Both Rital Sacrifice and and Devils took about 26 min each, after which it was time to do the only quest in game I really hate… Dust. As always, I couldn’t find the boss that gives you the key to the upper levels, he was in the last place I looked. And then the 2nd journal was in the 3rd possible place, which I never know where is. One spider died from an exploding barrel, but I managed to finish after a bunch of annoyance. This quest took me 61 min to finish.

Cerge is now only a few 100k xp from cap (I believe he was at ~3,565,000 when I quit for the night), tomorrow or the next day I will run Web of Chaos and farm if needed to cap. After which he will again start his climb to epic cap, as an iconic he has to, but I would want to anyway.

Alright folks, I apologize for a boring blog, I have had a stressful couple of weeks at work.

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

P.S. Cerge’s build plan can be seen here.


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