Thazara eTR’d!

My baby girl was born August 4, 2011. I capped her at 20 April 2012, and yes, I took my time to get there, because I was holding levels, running every quest elite at level or at the most 1 level over, and running my other toons as well. Update 14 was out June 25, 2012, and with it epic destinies and a level cap of 25. Thazara said goodbye to level 20 and started her journey towards the new cap that later got extended to 28. In August 2012 Thazara was 21, and since then she has not seen level 20.

I always said that I would never TR Thazara, that I would collect all favor possible on her and then leave her at cap. But when the epic reincarnation was introduced, and I learned that you would not lose your favor and flagging with eTR, I decided that I was going to start eTR’ing Thaz after she’s passed 5000 favor. Thaz hit 5k favor in March, but then I decided that I wanted to do 20 runs of the Thunderholme raids before eTR and cap Crusader. So I did not eTR.

But with running epic 3bc with Osi Friday and Saturday, Thaz capped Crusader, and she already did the 20 runs of Thunderholme raids, so I decided that it was time. Safe to say I was scared. I have LR’d Thaz before, but this felt special, like a TR. Thaz would for the 1st time ever have a past life. And wings! eTR gives you wings (the squigglies beside your toon’s name).

Here are the pictures:

Thaz hesitated as she stepped into the Reincarnation grove. She took a deep breath, then spoke to the Life Shaper.

She selected her past life: Power over Life and Death

This is what Micki would look like if she was an elf

Thaz’s numbers after getting dressed in lvl 20 gear, but before doing the enhancements

And here we have the new Thaz, with her new wings:

Now starts’s Thazara’s new story.

To be continued…


2 comments on “Thazara eTR’d!

  1. Congrats Micki!! I didn’t realize an Epic TR gave you wings. Makes sense though because it is a true reincarnation, I’m assuming an Iconic TR does the same thing.

    • Thank you.

      🙂 Well, technically it isn’t a true reincarnation, since you keep all your progression in the game, all your favor and flagging. eTR is like an LR+0 where you start at 20.

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