Time to play with my fvs

Yes, I did intentionally put “play with” instead of “play” in the title. I am referring to playing with dolls, lol. I finished doing my favor runs on Cerge this week, and tonight I did my first xp runs. I am expecting this toon to be a durable killing machine, so so far I haven’t really had too much interest in pugging, I want to practice my zerging skills. I did 3x elite Trial by Fire (just because I was recording and I wanted a good recording), then Maze of madness and Feast or Famine. I brought a hireling with me into the maze, because some of the levers require 2 ppl, and I took him with me into Feast hoping that he’d save me from dying in some of the traps (I used him as lever puller). I don’t like hirelings, though. They require baby sitting, and they tend to bug out. I was having a lot of problems getting mine to pull the lever I wanted him to… I got him to do it, but not before I was annoyed with him not doing what he was told. Hirelings are worse than some players!

Anywho, without further ado, here are the 2 videos I just uploaded of Cerge:

1. Cerge sneaking up on a beholder in VON 3. Note: 1st try was a fail and the successful attempt can be seen at 1:37.

2. Cerge working on his zerging skills in Trial by fire. Note: this is the 3rd run I did, and I was seeing if I could not throw bb’s behind me the whole time like I was doing before. It resulted in a red dungeon alert, lol.

That’s all folks. Enjoy!


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