Keronna my pm henshin, finally hit 20

We TR’d September 3rd and tonight my wizard monk finally hit 20 on her 2nd life. The reason it’s taken this long, is because I’ve run her at the most one night a week, and only for a couple of hours at a time. I must admit I have been getting more excited with the levels, as she’s been dying less and doing more damage. 🙂 I redid her enhancements tonight, I can’t say if this is the ideal way to do it, but I’m gonna see how I feel with these and adjust if needed. Keronna is not wearing any epic gear yet.

I switched from shroud of the vampire to shroud of the wraith after taking 20, and by doing so lost the +2 to str. Keronna is usually not using ship buffs, but is relying on her own. Her mostly used buffs are tensers, gh, displace, haste, rage and fire shield. Also energy resists as needed and night shield.

Here is the practising on the dummy video that I promised to do when she hit 20:

You can compare it with the video I did at lvl 12:

Alright, that’s all I have for you for now. I am excited to see how Keronna does in epics, and I cannot wait for her to reach 23 so she can use Sireth, as that is the focus of the build.


P.S. In the video: the dummy is prekilled, Keronna is in Level 0 Legendary Dreadnaught with only A dance of Flowers twisted. She has cast trensers, fire shield, haste and rage before hitting the dummy.


5 comments on “Keronna my pm henshin, finally hit 20

  1. Interesting build. I’m not one to understand all the nuances of multiclassing, but I know that getting a higher incorporeality than 25% with Shroud isn’t a bad idea. Doesn’t look like your ki regeneration’s all that strong but your attack results look great.

    • I had seen some impressive play from a pm monk on youtube, and when I acquired Sireth from CitW, I decided that I wanted to make a pm staff build. I wanted to make a completely independent, self healing melee, which the pm enhancements and wizard spells give me.

      Shroud gives me+100% fort (so I always have at least 200%), +25% incorp and doing 1d6 con damage on crit. Wizard levels give me negative energy self healing and buffs, I can keep myself with haste, range, gh and tensers the whole time. She does use a lot of sp, though, so so far I’ve had to pot in most quests, because I don’t last until the next shrine.

      I guess you’re right on the ki regen, but in battle I haven’t had a problem with it, I mostly cleave, greater cleave, then keep hitting all consuming flame and quick strike, while having spellsword: flame (eldritch knight) on my weapon. I see a noticeable increase in damage from that combination. Thief Acrobatics from the thief-acrobat tree gives me +15% to attack speed with quarterstaves. I have a lot of hot keys atm, and my ED will give me more, so I will have to adjust hot bars a little to be able to better use everything.

      Over all I’m very excited about this build and curious to see how she’ll do in epics.

  2. Oh, I also took item defence from eldritch knight, hoping that it works with staves. 75% chance to negate potential item wear sounds great, since my staves do tend to break during the quests and I’ve found myself having to switch weapon mid quest because of it.

  3. Ok, fine. After some discussion with a friend who told me my enhancement selections suck, I’ve decided to redo them a bit. I’ll have a look at it next week.

  4. Looks like an interesting build. I do have an issue with some of my characters putting on a lot of damage on their weapons while going through a quest. Actually happened to me last night with Larrs who as dual wielding a longsword and shortsword, as I was getting closer to the end of the quest I kept getting that annoying message that my swords were worn. Luckily they didn’t break and I was able to finish the quest with them but having a good amount of backups is always good for me because I can never find the points to take into item defense :(.

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