Weekends we do raids

I have been neglecting Thaz, my plan has been to cap Crusader on Thaz and then start eTR’ing, but because I wanted to do 20 runs of Deathwyrm and 20 of Thunderpeak on Cerge and Maidae, Thaz hasn’t been run much. So I decided to bring her out for our weekly ADQ and VON. Oh, there is a difference when I play Thaz, and how I was playing Cerge as a bardcher. Cerge was dependant on his manyshot, his melee didn’t hit as hard, so in ADQ pre I progressed rather slowly. Thaz on the other hand runs til red alert, the nukes the room. Sort of how I played my sorc, lol. This tactic bites be in the behind if I lag, or the mobs hit me harder than I expect, but it worked fine this week. And short man ee ADQ raid worked out well too, I believe it was a flawless run, and Thaz even tanked the queen when she was raging.

I finally got Osi dragged with me into Thuinderholme, but he only had time for one Deathwyrm run, then we did ee Chrono and he left for the night. Chrono was pretty standard, I find it boring, so I’m usually not in any hurry to get in, lol.

This Satuday we ran eH/ eH VON, eH/ eE ADQ, eH FoT, eN Deathwyrm and eE Chrono. After Osi left I joined Item’s Abbot and did 2 runs. In the 1st run I won the bow by rolling 100 on a d101 roll, and in the 2nd I looted Shroud of the Abbot.

Sunday I wanted to work on Maidae’s Thunderholme raids completions, as well as get her some xp. While I was waiting for more ppl to join, I was running around the wilderness to learn my way to the rares, and while doing so I offered to flag ppl who said they weren’t flagged. We flagged 2 for both raids. Then I hosted 4x eN Firedragon raid to be followed by 3x eN Deathwyrm. I got ppl joining asking me how many more I was planning to do, but after the 3rd Deathwyrm I was beat and needed a break. Maidae is now sitting on 11 Thunderpeak and 11 Deathwyrm completions. 9 more to go for the mask and the bracers… and then I can TR. 🙂

Okidoke, that’s all folks. OnMouseOver for picture info.



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