Special raids this Sat

Friday I decided to run Thazara for the 1st time since I eTR’d her, so I did eH/ eH ADQ and VON. I was surprised as how much damage she was doing compared to other 1st life toons I’ve played. She was burning sp like crazy, but I was able to solo rooms in eH ADQ at lvl 20, which I feel proud of. I have had previous toons/ builds that were not able to. Thazara got lvl 21.

On Saturday I logged at 8 pm, and posted for ADQ flag (on Cerge), and strangely quickly got a group for Chains of Flame eH. We ran Wiz-king as well, and since I had blood from a previous run of An offering of Blood, I was flagged after the 2 runs. Osi logged just as we were finishing Wiz-king, and I left my party to join up with Osi. Osi’s toon is a completionist dc caster fvs, with 3x all the caster past lives. He plays his toon well, and has solo’d most ee’s, including Tor and Belly of the Beast. Osi gets a bit bored with the easy standard runs, so this Sat he decided that we were gonna 6 man all raids. We started with eH/ eE ADQ, then eH/ eH VON and eE Chrono. I think I was the only one to die in eE ADQ2, and in VON no one died if I recall. Chrono got a bit messy as we were trying to do some of the opts and ppl go split up, but again Cerge was doing a lot better than I expected. With the runs Cerge got xp for half way to 23, starting at lvl 20 when I logged.

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Levelling Cerge, my fvs

I have been rather busy, and Cerge hasn’t gotten much play time. After TR’ing him (into a morninglord, so 15), I almost didn’t play him at all for 2 weeks, except for doing the 150 Coin Lords and House Kundarak favor. After which I decided to solo Gianthold walkups elite. The walkups went well, so I continued with Tor flagging and then ran Tor as well to finish saga. I skipped Crucible, as it’s an annoyance with hireling (maze), and not that much fun on a non evasion toon.

After Gianthold I took 16 and headed to Orchard. I put up an lfm and we did elite: 3x Temple of Vol (+ 1 x hard), Ghosts, Fleshmakers and 3x Inferno. I took 17 and decided to farm Litany. I did the 1st Litany run solo, then someone joined my lfm and we did 2x elite +bosses normal. I finished with one hard run, and then took 18.

Yesterday I ran Disciples of Shadow chain, as I forgot to run it at 17, and today I headed to Vale. I considered lfm’ing, but I again wanted to zerg, and not wait for puggers who get lost. So I decided to solo a few. I started with Rainbow, which took me 20 min to finish, without d-door, and including doing optional beholder. Then Coal Chamber took 35 min, I skipped kill bonus optional. Both Rital Sacrifice and and Devils took about 26 min each, after which it was time to do the only quest in game I really hate… Dust. As always, I couldn’t find the boss that gives you the key to the upper levels, he was in the last place I looked. And then the 2nd journal was in the 3rd possible place, which I never know where is. One spider died from an exploding barrel, but I managed to finish after a bunch of annoyance. This quest took me 61 min to finish.

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Thazara eTR’d!

My baby girl was born August 4, 2011. I capped her at 20 April 2012, and yes, I took my time to get there, because I was holding levels, running every quest elite at level or at the most 1 level over, and running my other toons as well. Update 14 was out June 25, 2012, and with it epic destinies and a level cap of 25. Thazara said goodbye to level 20 and started her journey towards the new cap that later got extended to 28. In August 2012 Thazara was 21, and since then she has not seen level 20.

I always said that I would never TR Thazara, that I would collect all favor possible on her and then leave her at cap. But when the epic reincarnation was introduced, and I learned that you would not lose your favor and flagging with eTR, I decided that I was going to start eTR’ing Thaz after she’s passed 5000 favor. Thaz hit 5k favor in March, but then I decided that I wanted to do 20 runs of the Thunderholme raids before eTR and cap Crusader. So I did not eTR.

But with running epic 3bc with Osi Friday and Saturday, Thaz capped Crusader, and she already did the 20 runs of Thunderholme raids, so I decided that it was time. Safe to say I was scared. I have LR’d Thaz before, but this felt special, like a TR. Thaz would for the 1st time ever have a past life. And wings! eTR gives you wings (the squigglies beside your toon’s name).

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Epic Three Barrel Cove – Spoiler warning

For a good while now, I’ve been running “new” content with Osi first, just because I think he’s awesome, and he’s got this calm confidence that spreads to me. 🙂 What I mean is that I feel like we can take on the world together, and we’ll succeed. So, of course I wanted to run the new epics with Osi first. On Friday we ran Ghost of a ChanceLegend of Two-Toed TobiasOld Grey Garl (Epic) ee (Osi always runs new content ee), and attempted Prove Your Worth. The thing is, in the last one, where the old version had ladders you had to climb, now there is 3 elevators with two platforms between. The platforms are trapped, with 3 blade traps popping up, one random safe spot. The problem is that if you hit the trap, you’ll most likely die before the trap even becomes visible, so sacrificing yourself to show the traps to other party members doesn’t work. Also, if you die there you’re stuck, there is an invisible wall preventing you from jumping down to the shrine, or hopping on the elevator to be raised. You are also blocked from being raised, the only way to get you out of there, is for a party member to grab your stone. Me and Osi also noticed that if you stay on the platform too long, it can cause your client to crash, and to get back in the game you need to open your command prompt (cmd.exe) and empty your dns cache by typing /ipconfig dnsflush.

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Thunderholme raids; videos

I have been running the new raids a lot lately, Temple of the Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak. I did 20 of both on Thazara, 21 Deathwyrm and 20 fire dragon on Cerge and so far I have done 16 Deathwyrm and 19 Fire dragon on Maidae, so that makes a total of 57 completions of Deathwyrm and 59 of the fire dragon one. I plan to TR somewhat soon after reaching 20 runs on Maidae. I finally decided to record a run of both raids today, while I was doing multiple runs. This is run 3 of Deathwyrm and run 2 of Thunderpeak.

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Time to play with my fvs

Yes, I did intentionally put “play with” instead of “play” in the title. I am referring to playing with dolls, lol. I finished doing my favor runs on Cerge this week, and tonight I did my first xp runs. I am expecting this toon to be a durable killing machine, so so far I haven’t really had too much interest in pugging, I want to practice my zerging skills. I did 3x elite Trial by Fire (just because I was recording and I wanted a good recording), then Maze of madness and Feast or Famine. I brought a hireling with me into the maze, because some of the levers require 2 ppl, and I took him with me into Feast hoping that he’d save me from dying in some of the traps (I used him as lever puller). I don’t like hirelings, though. They require baby sitting, and they tend to bug out. I was having a lot of problems getting mine to pull the lever I wanted him to… I got him to do it, but not before I was annoyed with him not doing what he was told. Hirelings are worse than some players!

Anywho, without further ado, here are the 2 videos I just uploaded of Cerge:

1. Cerge sneaking up on a beholder in VON 3. Note: 1st try was a fail and the successful attempt can be seen at 1:37.

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Keronna my pm henshin, finally hit 20

We TR’d September 3rd and tonight my wizard monk finally hit 20 on her 2nd life. The reason it’s taken this long, is because I’ve run her at the most one night a week, and only for a couple of hours at a time. I must admit I have been getting more excited with the levels, as she’s been dying less and doing more damage. 🙂 I redid her enhancements tonight, I can’t say if this is the ideal way to do it, but I’m gonna see how I feel with these and adjust if needed. Keronna is not wearing any epic gear yet.

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Weekends we do raids

I have been neglecting Thaz, my plan has been to cap Crusader on Thaz and then start eTR’ing, but because I wanted to do 20 runs of Deathwyrm and 20 of Thunderpeak on Cerge and Maidae, Thaz hasn’t been run much. So I decided to bring her out for our weekly ADQ and VON. Oh, there is a difference when I play Thaz, and how I was playing Cerge as a bardcher. Cerge was dependant on his manyshot, his melee didn’t hit as hard, so in ADQ pre I progressed rather slowly. Thaz on the other hand runs til red alert, the nukes the room. Sort of how I played my sorc, lol. This tactic bites be in the behind if I lag, or the mobs hit me harder than I expect, but it worked fine this week. And short man ee ADQ raid worked out well too, I believe it was a flawless run, and Thaz even tanked the queen when she was raging.

I finally got Osi dragged with me into Thuinderholme, but he only had time for one Deathwyrm run, then we did ee Chrono and he left for the night. Chrono was pretty standard, I find it boring, so I’m usually not in any hurry to get in, lol.

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