I found myself looking up at the spectators

So, I have TR’d into my 2nd iconic, and like with Maidae, on Cerge I wanted to get my 150 Coin Lords and 150 House K favor before running for XP, this because I do need the inventory and bank space. I finished my Coin Lords favor tonight and started running House K. Most ppl I know would leave the VON flagging quests for epic levels, but as I switch to hard difficulty once I hit 20, and I want the elite favor asap I also started running the VONs. As I was doing Tharashk Arena, I looked around for the first time ever, and noticed the spectators. I mean, I have run this quest lots of times, I have seen the spectators when running around up there, but never from the arena itself. 🙂

I have a little bit more favor to run for, and then I will start running Gianthold quests. I hope the sagas will be fixed soon.

That’s all for now, ty for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. VON1-2 actually gave a little bit xp too.


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