Maidae my bladeforged

It’s been days since I wrote a blog. :/ Bad me. I’ve been working and playing mostly, and planning my summer vacation, as well as reading the PC forums once in a while. At work they gave me a new project to work on, that has been a bit more intense than I’m used to, with a more effective work schedule. I like it a lot, but because of it I’ve been getting up earlier in the morning, and I’ve been very tired, and not too keen on writing a blog.

Alright, so what have I been up to in ddo? Well, I TR’d Cerge as you may know (see Cerge went to the Reincarnation Grove), after which I haven’t played him much at all. I spent a good amount of time on gearing him and then I’ve only done a little bit of favor runs. Last weekend I did VON and ADQ on Thaz, as I’d like to finish levelling Crusader on her before I eTR. And then I got Maidae to 26 and flagged her for Thunderholme. I wasn’t too happy with my toon at 26, but at 27 (current) she’s doing better, and I’m looking forward to 28 and the new raid gear (bracers and mask). I only plan to do 20 Deathwyrm and 20 Thunderpeak runs on her and then TR. So far I haven’t really taken to the cetus build. I learned today that with primal scream, tensers, yugo pot and divine might she’s at 68 str atm (with only +6 item and true blood). I would need to get this higher.

The ranged dps on this toon is also pretty poop. Cerge as a bard was hitting harder.  So I mostly focus on smacking things in the face with my eSOS. She does ok, though. Yesterday I end up tanking SR in FoT and the dragon in Deathwyrm, and she did ok in my opinion. I do need to check her gear again at 28 and do what I can to boost her saves and str.

Maidae has so far done 6 Deathwyrm runs (1 hard, rest norm), and 7 Thunderpeak (1 hard, rest norm)… so a few still to go before 20. I also need to level Crusader on Thaz so I can eTR her, and I need to level Cerge. So much to do, so little time to do it. I’ll write about the Cannith group some other time… and I should also run some with my sis.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by.



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