Cerge’s new looks

I must say I really like Cerge’s looks this time around. Last life I really couldn’t stand his looks at first, so I did what I could, and he became.. ok. I used to say that male elves look rather gay (i.e. feminine), but Cerge is far from. I think he actually looks rather mean, lol.

I made a couple of gifs, click on the pictures below to view them. I can’t say I’m super happy with the gif graphics, but I guess that’s the best I can do with a gif instead of a video clip.

I also really like the hairstyle I picked for him. I was considering making the color orange, but the blond just fit so well to his green eyes.

I tested adding a bit of a delay to the gifs this time, to make them spin slower. It makes everything easier to see, even the color shifts, which isn’t that nice.

Anywho, enjoy!


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