Raid night May 17

On Friday night we (co workers) had a farewell celebration for three ex employees, and I had a few drinks, but left early cause I was tired. Saturday I went in to the office to do some extra work, and because of it I didn’t have time to do all my household chores before raid night, but anywho.. I logged something like a quarter to 9 my time. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I talk about raid night a lot, lol, or my raids in general. I like raiding, and since U21 I’ve been raiding almost daily. But raid night is still raid night.

I was talking with a twitter friend some days ago, and he asked if he could tag along for my raids this week, and I said sure. Me and Osi normally start with ADQ and then let who ever wants to stay stay, and put up the lfm for the free spots. I do this if the group is decent. If on the other hand the group sucks, I just drop group and put up the lfm again. I have not done that too often since Osi started raiding with me, though. 🙂 Anywho this sat as I logged, ppl were already waiting for the raids, lol, and I got a party invite to a group of three. I waited for Osi to put his lfm up, then posted for mine, and the group filled quickly. I had planned to screenshot all runs this Sat… but I was tired and forgot. 😦

We did the normal raids, and this week Osi was switching back and forth between his toons, which was mildly annoying, as he never said “switching”, but just logged off… and I wasn’t sure which toon he was switching to and therefore not which raid he wanted to do. Another problem I was having was that I can’t use push to talk while typing on the lfm… I kept trying to move the focus away from the lfm window  so I could use push to talk, and I got the lfm window stuck. The dialogue for “do you want to close the window without saving…” something, sometimes gets stuck for me. I have moved the focus away from it, and can no longer target it to click yes/no, and cannot use push to talk or focus on chat. :/ I think I remember getting out of it by clicking on an npc, but this time I got stressed out and just relogged.

I wanted to get the last karma for Cerge’s primal sphere, so started off running him in ADQ, FoT and CitW, after which I noticed that he had maxed out his karma, and I decided to bring Maidae for the other raids. Maidae was missing some xp to cap her last ED, and a bunch of xp for level (she is 24 almost 25). We had some problems in FoT, with ppl spreading boom, ppl dying from TO’s breath, I got stoned by the breath of lies and dead, kiter died, etc… but not really anything major. We were a bit low on dps, so the run took a bit longer than needed, but timing on the pairs was excellent and we finished. CitW was really smooth with only one death total (caster died in the 1st Lolth fight), ADQ was flawless except for us having to restart because of lag. Storms joined us from ToD onwards (ToD, VON ansd ee Chrono), and he did voice and ring in VoN and the optionals in ee Chrono. Chrono was pretty standard until Storms couldn’t find the last rescue… several went out to help and died. Including me, lol. Dungeon alert is such a bitch.

All in all good runs. I did not want to do Thunderholme raids this Saturday, as I already did 20 runs on both Thaz and Cerge and I wanted to run them on Maidae next time. I should be able to flag her soon enough, and will most likely run them again next week.

That’s all for now, ty for stopping by and have a wonderful day. 🙂


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