Cerge went to the Reincarnation Grove

After I was done with the raids on Saturday night (Sunday morning), I spent some time cleaning Cerge’s bank, inventory and emptying TR bank. I also made sure that his gear would fit in his inventory on eTR… then headed over to the Hall of Heroes.

From the Hall of Heroes, Cerge entered the Reincarnation Grove and spoke to the Lifeshaper.

He told the Lifeshaper he wanted to epic reincarnate.

And selected his past life.

After confirming the choice, I relogged to start the reincarnation process.

I clicked reincarnate and made a pretty random build with random stats and skills, lol, and leveled him back to 20.

After finishing levelling, Cerge entered the Reincarnation Grove again, and this time chose to TR.

I followed my previously posted build plan (see Cerge 4.0), and created the new Cerge.

And here is the before and after:

Cerge as 2 rogue/ 6 ranger/ 12 bard/ 8 epic          Cerge as 1 cleric/ 14 favored soul

🙂 I like Cerge’s new looks, not so much his armor. I love the new hairstyle and the green eyes and facial expression makes him look rather mean.

That’s all folks.


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