Not one shadowsight, but two

Tonight we (the static group) were running Mirror Darkly heroic elite on Cannith. I was leading us through the way I usually run it to get it done without too much extra fighting. Anyway, we decided to do the beholder optional and lo and behold, the shadowsight dropped for Cat and he passed it to me, since I guess I was the 1st to ask for it. As I was already wearing wisdom goggles, I equipped them asap.

And then, as we’re looting the end chest, the goggles drop again, and this time for me. I pass them to Ness without thinking about it, and later I find out that Rilosa would have wanted them too. Meh, sorry.

Now, why couldn’t those goggles drop that nicely on ee?

🙂 okidoke, over and out.

P.S. If u haven’t read my blog until now.. my toon is 2 rogue/ 6 monk/ 10 wizard.. quarterstaff melee, so the shadowsight fits the build perfectly.


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