My ddo history so far

I was going to email someone and tell them a bit more about what and how I’ve played… but thinking more about it I don’t think they’d have enough interest in it, so I’m better off just putting it here, lol. I started playing ddo in the start of August 2011. At first I was only playing a few nights a week, and just with a friend of mine. Trying to keep up with him, I added gaming time and at some point I became addicted and added even more gaming time. Now for a good while over 2 years I’ve been playing 20-40h/ week, and I play 7 nights/ week, unless I have some activity irl that makes me unable to play (I do sometimes socialize irl too, you know.) Anywho, here’s what I’ve done so far.

Cap 20: 10
When I started playing ddo level cap was 20. I was going to put classes/ toons here that hit 20 at that time, but since I have not capped all my toons at end cap before TR, I’ve put here all toons/ lives that have reached 20.

Cap 25: 5
In this section I have toons that hit 25 when cap was 25.

Cap 28: 3
Toons that are or have been sitting on max level of 28.

Heroic TR’s: 7
I am slow at doing the TR’s, lol. Maidae has TR’d 3 times, Cerge 2 times, Keronna and Jarvanna once.

Epic TR’s: 1
I was going to eTR Maidae before the last TR, but I was in such a hurry to TR that I completely forgot to eTR. It still bugs me. My only eTR so far is Cerge and Colors of the Queen.

Greater Reincarnation: 1
When Thaz was 11 and had enough XP for 12, I had unlocked the 32p build with favor. Thaz’s original build was all wrong, she was as gimp as you can be.. so I asked for help on the forums about how to fix her, took 12 and did a greater reincarnation.

Lesser Reincarnation:Β 3 or 4
When U19 was out, some enhancements were changed to feats. I LR’d both Thaz and Maidae, I can now not remember if I LR’d Cerge or not. After this I have LR’d Thaz once to change her build a little.

XP stones used: 1
When the XP stones were released with U14 I was very much against them. I felt like it was hurting the skill level of the players, and so it was… but the new players who skipped levels, didn’t last long at the end scene anyway, so it evened out. I did not want to use a stone, since I wanted to learn to play my class, but when I read about ninja stoning, people stoning random ppl just so they could get their free pet, I decided to have Cerge stoned. I was worried that the wrong toon (Maidae) would be ninja stoned. Cerge was at the time a level 10 first life sorcerer and I skipped 6 levels by stoning him to 16. I messed up my feats with the stoning and needed 2 feat changes and to redo most of my spells as well as look for new gear before he was even playable. I have not had any interest in stones since.

Classes played: 8
Here I’m counting the dominant class, even if it was a multiclass, so 2x cleric, 2x monk, 2x wizard, 2x druid (well Jarvanna is currently only lvl 6, but she’s my 2nd druid), sorcerer, barbarian, bard, fighter. I currently have a cleric, fighter, bard, druid and wizard. I am not counting the iconics I’ve run a few quests on here (paladin and rogue). I have yet to play: fvs, arti, paladin, ranger and rogue. I do plan to TR Cerge into an fvs next.

Pure/ multiclass lives: 5/ 7
Thazara is a pure cleric, Maidae was a pure monk for two lives, Cerge’s first life was a pure sorcerer and Jarvanna was a pure druid. Multiclasses I’ve done or am in progress of doing:

2 rogue/ 18 barbarian
2 paladin/ 6 monk/ 12 fighter
2 rogue/ 18 wizard
2 rogue/ 6 ranger/ 12 bard
2 monk/ 18 cleric
2 rogue/ 6 monk/ 12 wizard
1 fighter/ 9 monk/ 10 druid

All of these I have played or will play into epics.

Races played (non iconic): 4
When thinking about this, damn, lol. I have played 4 humans, 2 elves, 3 half-elves and 2 warforged. Nothing else.

Iconics: 1
I have tested a pure default bladeforged and shadar-kai, but they’re currently sitting unplayed. Except for them, I have only played one iconic and that’s Maidae’s current life as fighter. I am planning to TR Cerge into an iconic, though. All my TR’s except for Maidae’s current build I’ve played from level 1.

Vet 1: 2
Both Maidae and Cerge started out as vet 1 toons, i.e. started at lvl 4.

Vet 2: 0
Even though I have vet 2, I only have a few bank toons created using vet 2.

I do also have a lvl 7 pure monk that I played lvl 1 to 7, but I have not counted her in the lists.

πŸ™‚ Okidoke, that’s it. Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day. Cheers.


7 comments on “My ddo history so far

      • Yeah, only a couple of toons “in the zone”, but they are group toons, so unless the group TRs, they probably won’t. And that’s OK with me. I wouldn’t mind trying to get “completionist”, but with my very casual play, probably not likely. But you never know…

      • πŸ™‚ the ppl I know that have done completionist, have been very focused on TR’ing and play mainly that toon until they’re done. My plan is to potentially do completionist on Cerge, but seeing as how I play, I kind of doubt ddo will last long enough for me to get there.

  1. Interesting list Micki!! πŸ™‚ I don’t think I can remember all of my character’s accomplishments like that, I never took the time to write them all out. Although I do have two Heroic TR’s going right now, Hamllin and Erdrique, and I eventually want to get Erdrique to completionist but doubt it will happen (he is currently working on his 6th life). By I’m ever hopeful πŸ™‚ lol.

    • πŸ™‚ thanks. I like thinking back about what I’ve done and planning forward, lol.

      I still mostly raid, and raid completions I could not tell you, except Thaz’s whos’ never TR’d.

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