Well, guess we 6 man it

Tonight was slow, very slow on Orien. I didn’t log til 10 pm my time, and posted for a Deathwyrm. I got 3 ppl semi quickly and I got 2/3 to come with me to keep trash off my back while I was doing puzzles. 30 min after I had stepped in, we were outside red light/ green light room. I usually wait outside the last portal selection for more dps. We waited a good 30 min and only got 2 more joiners. I decided to go with 6. I must say I was scared, lol. I managed to mess up in red light/ green light room – my plis got drained, so I was even more scared about messing up. I felt a bit like back in the old days, where a wipe or not was dependant on me. I know this was a good group of ppl, but I was still feeling like that. 🙂

We got through the red light/ green light room, Elandel took the dragon, Gaijya battle rangers and me and Ty did the spellwards. I felt like our dps was descent, I felt like everything was going better and faster than with the average pug. Only 3 of us went into shadow room Ty, Raylok and me, Raylok went in twice, Ty once and I twice and on my second time I got the real phylactery. Then on to picking up pieces… and Gaijya gets blown off, and the battle rangers are loose. Elandel gets two on him, but I’m unable to pull them off him, and neither is Gaijya when he returns, but Elandel manages fine. I’m running around killing deahtlords, as is Raylok , while Ty and Raisin are on levers.. we miss our first try and I grab one of the levers for the second one. And on our second try to nuke the dragon we complete! Yay!

I checked the time before we stepped into red light/ green light room, and it showed over 60 min, we had waited for 30 min for joiners. On completion it showed 112 min, so it took us ~50 min to do red light/ greeen light room and end fight as 6 man. And we had no monkcher. As a note on the kills, I believe Raisin didn’t enter the raid til we started red light/ green light room (neither did Gaijya or Raylok ), I was doing puzzles and I don’t kill any trash when I’m doing those, Elandel was on the dragon and Gaijya kited battle rangers. Elandel and Ty were killing trash for me during puzzles, and killed all the trash in the bone guardian room.

Here is the quest report:


That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Elandel’s only death is because I killed him with the beam in the last puzzle room. I allowed him to go get ship buffs while we waited for joiners. I didn’t have any ship buffs.


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