Static Cannith night

Cat (our sorc) has been very busy lately, so last night me (Keronna), Rilosa and Nessana decided to run some stuff anyway. Last week the whole group was present and we were running Wheloon (we did all except Mirror Darkly), tonight we decided to run some Inspired Quarter. The group is currently lvl 18 2nd lives.. still with pretty poor gear (Cat is 1st life). Anywho, we started with Finding the path, which is a level 18 quest, so 20 on elite… and we got through that one no problem at all. On to the next one… and meh. We decided to give up in the 2nd room as there was just too many mobs and we didn’t have the dps to take them out fast enough.

I again can’t say exactly what the others are playing, Rilosa is a healer paladin?  while Ness just LR’d into a melee ranger.. that’s about what I know, lol. Things are easier when the sorc is present, I think we’ve been getting spoiled. Anyway, I decided to record some of our questing tonight and since only Finding the Path gave me good footage, here it is. 🙂 I cut out some in the start, and the clip starts just after I’ve spoken to the dude for the second time.

Any dumb comments or laugh from me…. I’m going to blame on being tired and pretty unfocused, lol. I didn’t follow half of what Ness and Rilosa were saying. Ok, that’s all for now, thanks for stopping my and have a great day.


P.S. Keronna got lvl 19 with tonight’s runs, while the others are still missing some I guess. I was not using the voice or any xp boosting pot, only our +2% shrine while it lasted.

P.P.S If you’re too lazy to look at characters, Keronna is currently 2 rogue/ 6 monk/ 10 wizard, quarterstaff melee. I’ve put most points in henshin mystic and palemaster, with a little in eldritch knight and thief-acrobat.


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