Raiding and more raiding

Friday I was planning to finish flagging Maidae for CitW, but @HouseDJ2010 caught me on Twitter and told me he wanted to run with me, so I suggested we do some favor runs. It was  pretty good, Maidae is a Cetus build and DJ was running a Cetus build too, so House D favor for the House D vendor is useful for us both. 🙂 When he logged I asked Osi to help me run CitW flag, and we did Sshyn ee.. before Osi was tired. I can now not remember if I ran something after that, lol.

Saturday I spent all day doing houshold chores and then logged on at 9pm for mine and Osi’s raid night as usual. I ran most raids (except FoT) in a levelling ED, to finish them off. Osi chose for us to start with ADQ (eH/ eE) and then gave me star. I typed 1: CitW, 2: FoT, 3: ToD, 4: VON, 5: Chrono, and then rolled d5 /roll d5. It gave me 2, so posted for FoT. As usual, I just typed in party chat what we were running and lfm’d for the last spots. Quickly we had a full party. I put our paladin on SR tank, but I kept stealing aggro fury-shotting him, lol. But it worked out fine. Me and Osi always have a lot of fun during raid night. After FoT I posted for ToD, and then gave Osi star for CitW… but we did VON first. He threw it back for me for Chrono, lol. I have no problem lfm’ing, but we both give the other the star if we wish to go afk for a moment. I was running in a leveling ED, still I was the 1st in in ee Chrono and had started it, lol. Osi logged after Chrono and I posted for Deathwyrm and then Thunderpeak. I can’t remember now how many runs we did, but I was tired after a while and went to bed.

Sunday I posted for eH/ eH VON (on Cerge) right away when I logged on to cap my last ED (GMoF) and Cleazy joined me. I had planned to just do some Thunderholme raid runs and then maybe switch to Thaz, but I got kind of fixated by getting closer to my 20th runs.. and did first 2x eN Deathwyrm, then 2x eN Thunderpeak… and then I think we did 3x Deathwyrm again. Cerge is now sitting on 15 Deathwyrm completions and 9 Thunderpeak. In the 1st two runs of Deathwyrm, I did the puzzles myself, in the last 3 I had a couple of ppl helping me to speed it up. Some of the runs where faster than others but over all I thought they were pretty good runs. 😛 I usually put others on tasks, like dragon, kiter and helping the ppl who got left behind, while I focus on the puzzles. I have very little patience and I want to progress the raid quickly, so letting someone else go get the ppl who can’t make the jump etc, speeds things up for me…. and also helps me keep my cool. In the last run I was so tired that I before end fight threw Darth the star and said “you lead, I want to pike”. 😀 It was mostly the same ppl as in the previous run, and Darth knows things as well as me, so really no diff if I or him leads. Oh, but in the Thunderpeak runs I assigned myself as dragon kiter… until someone stole aggro from me, after which I let him keep it and focused on killing trash instead.

Over all a good weekend with lots of raids. I plan to eTR + TR Cerge once I’ve done 20 of both Deathwyrm and Thunderpeak… which should be next week, or the week after.

Okidoke, that’s all from me. Have  a great day. Cheers.

P.S. Cerge has all his ED’s capped now, but not Karma maxed in primal sphere, so running in Fury (his main) gains Karma that I need/ want. 🙂


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