Jarvanna dancing on the ship

My druid monk is slowly levelling. Slow as in very slow, only one level every other week or so, and I’ve been dual-boxing with my alt account, that is, my alt has been piking inside the quests for free xp and renown. Anywho, Jarv was a wolf melee last life, but more focused on casting, this life she’s a pure melee, or more or less. Jarv wanted to show off her dancing skill on the guild ship, but she just couldn’t find a good spot.

She tried the main floor

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I found myself looking up at the spectators

So, I have TR’d into my 2nd iconic, and like with Maidae, on Cerge I wanted to get my 150 Coin Lords and 150 House K favor before running for XP, this because I do need the inventory and bank space. I finished my Coin Lords favor tonight and started running House K. Most ppl I know would leave the VON flagging quests for epic levels, but as I switch to hard difficulty once I hit 20, and I want the elite favor asap I also started running the VONs. As I was doing Tharashk Arena, I looked around for the first time ever, and noticed the spectators. I mean, I have run this quest lots of times, I have seen the spectators when running around up there, but never from the arena itself. 🙂

I have a little bit more favor to run for, and then I will start running Gianthold quests. I hope the sagas will be fixed soon.

That’s all for now, ty for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. VON1-2 actually gave a little bit xp too.

Maidae my bladeforged

It’s been days since I wrote a blog. :/ Bad me. I’ve been working and playing mostly, and planning my summer vacation, as well as reading the PC forums once in a while. At work they gave me a new project to work on, that has been a bit more intense than I’m used to, with a more effective work schedule. I like it a lot, but because of it I’ve been getting up earlier in the morning, and I’ve been very tired, and not too keen on writing a blog.

Alright, so what have I been up to in ddo? Well, I TR’d Cerge as you may know (see Cerge went to the Reincarnation Grove), after which I haven’t played him much at all. I spent a good amount of time on gearing him and then I’ve only done a little bit of favor runs. Last weekend I did VON and ADQ on Thaz, as I’d like to finish levelling Crusader on her before I eTR. And then I got Maidae to 26 and flagged her for Thunderholme. I wasn’t too happy with my toon at 26, but at 27 (current) she’s doing better, and I’m looking forward to 28 and the new raid gear (bracers and mask). I only plan to do 20 Deathwyrm and 20 Thunderpeak runs on her and then TR. So far I haven’t really taken to the cetus build. I learned today that with primal scream, tensers, yugo pot and divine might she’s at 68 str atm (with only +6 item and true blood). I would need to get this higher.

The ranged dps on this toon is also pretty poop. Cerge as a bard was hitting harder.  So I mostly focus on smacking things in the face with my eSOS. She does ok, though. Yesterday I end up tanking SR in FoT and the dragon in Deathwyrm, and she did ok in my opinion. I do need to check her gear again at 28 and do what I can to boost her saves and str.

Maidae has so far done 6 Deathwyrm runs (1 hard, rest norm), and 7 Thunderpeak (1 hard, rest norm)… so a few still to go before 20. I also need to level Crusader on Thaz so I can eTR her, and I need to level Cerge. So much to do, so little time to do it. I’ll write about the Cannith group some other time… and I should also run some with my sis.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by.


Cerge’s new looks

I must say I really like Cerge’s looks this time around. Last life I really couldn’t stand his looks at first, so I did what I could, and he became.. ok. I used to say that male elves look rather gay (i.e. feminine), but Cerge is far from. I think he actually looks rather mean, lol.

I made a couple of gifs, click on the pictures below to view them. I can’t say I’m super happy with the gif graphics, but I guess that’s the best I can do with a gif instead of a video clip.

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Cerge went to the Reincarnation Grove

After I was done with the raids on Saturday night (Sunday morning), I spent some time cleaning Cerge’s bank, inventory and emptying TR bank. I also made sure that his gear would fit in his inventory on eTR… then headed over to the Hall of Heroes.

From the Hall of Heroes, Cerge entered the Reincarnation Grove and spoke to the Lifeshaper.

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Raid night May 17

On Friday night we (co workers) had a farewell celebration for three ex employees, and I had a few drinks, but left early cause I was tired. Saturday I went in to the office to do some extra work, and because of it I didn’t have time to do all my household chores before raid night, but anywho.. I logged something like a quarter to 9 my time. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I talk about raid night a lot, lol, or my raids in general. I like raiding, and since U21 I’ve been raiding almost daily. But raid night is still raid night.

I was talking with a twitter friend some days ago, and he asked if he could tag along for my raids this week, and I said sure. Me and Osi normally start with ADQ and then let who ever wants to stay stay, and put up the lfm for the free spots. I do this if the group is decent. If on the other hand the group sucks, I just drop group and put up the lfm again. I have not done that too often since Osi started raiding with me, though. 🙂 Anywho this sat as I logged, ppl were already waiting for the raids, lol, and I got a party invite to a group of three. I waited for Osi to put his lfm up, then posted for mine, and the group filled quickly. I had planned to screenshot all runs this Sat… but I was tired and forgot. 😦

We did the normal raids, and this week Osi was switching back and forth between his toons, which was mildly annoying, as he never said “switching”, but just logged off… and I wasn’t sure which toon he was switching to and therefore not which raid he wanted to do. Another problem I was having was that I can’t use push to talk while typing on the lfm… I kept trying to move the focus away from the lfm window  so I could use push to talk, and I got the lfm window stuck. The dialogue for “do you want to close the window without saving…” something, sometimes gets stuck for me. I have moved the focus away from it, and can no longer target it to click yes/no, and cannot use push to talk or focus on chat. :/ I think I remember getting out of it by clicking on an npc, but this time I got stressed out and just relogged.

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Not one shadowsight, but two

Tonight we (the static group) were running Mirror Darkly heroic elite on Cannith. I was leading us through the way I usually run it to get it done without too much extra fighting. Anyway, we decided to do the beholder optional and lo and behold, the shadowsight dropped for Cat and he passed it to me, since I guess I was the 1st to ask for it. As I was already wearing wisdom goggles, I equipped them asap.

And then, as we’re looting the end chest, the goggles drop again, and this time for me. I pass them to Ness without thinking about it, and later I find out that Rilosa would have wanted them too. Meh, sorry.

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Thazara 1.4 draft

I have been thinking about  epic reincarnating Thaz since I first heard about epic reincarnation. With the latest changes to the divine epic destinies, I have decided to focus Thaz more as a dc caster and less as shiradi. I know her dc’s are never going to hit those of a completionist fvs, but from what I have seen so far, she already does descent amount of damage and with a few adjustments I’m sure she could do even more. Here’s the draft for Thaz’s first eTR. I will probably redo her enhancement a little, but what I wanted was max wisdom, disciple capstone and healing aura. For skills I’ve focused on UMD, heal, spellcraft, perform (sonic spellpower) and I put everything else in diplomacy. For the first time ever I have dumped concentration, since from experience it is useless in epics. Also, I may change the feats around a bit, we’ll see. 🙂

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Chaotic Good Elf Female
(20 Cleric \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 392
Spell Points: 1720 
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 18
Reflex: 10
Will: 26

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength              8                    13
Dexterity            10                    15
Constitution         14                    19
Intelligence         14                    19
Wisdom               18                    35
Charisma              8                    13

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My ddo history so far

I was going to email someone and tell them a bit more about what and how I’ve played… but thinking more about it I don’t think they’d have enough interest in it, so I’m better off just putting it here, lol. I started playing ddo in the start of August 2011. At first I was only playing a few nights a week, and just with a friend of mine. Trying to keep up with him, I added gaming time and at some point I became addicted and added even more gaming time. Now for a good while over 2 years I’ve been playing 20-40h/ week, and I play 7 nights/ week, unless I have some activity irl that makes me unable to play (I do sometimes socialize irl too, you know.) Anywho, here’s what I’ve done so far.

Cap 20: 10
When I started playing ddo level cap was 20. I was going to put classes/ toons here that hit 20 at that time, but since I have not capped all my toons at end cap before TR, I’ve put here all toons/ lives that have reached 20.

Cap 25: 5
In this section I have toons that hit 25 when cap was 25.

Cap 28: 3
Toons that are or have been sitting on max level of 28.

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Well, guess we 6 man it

Tonight was slow, very slow on Orien. I didn’t log til 10 pm my time, and posted for a Deathwyrm. I got 3 ppl semi quickly and I got 2/3 to come with me to keep trash off my back while I was doing puzzles. 30 min after I had stepped in, we were outside red light/ green light room. I usually wait outside the last portal selection for more dps. We waited a good 30 min and only got 2 more joiners. I decided to go with 6. I must say I was scared, lol. I managed to mess up in red light/ green light room – my plis got drained, so I was even more scared about messing up. I felt a bit like back in the old days, where a wipe or not was dependant on me. I know this was a good group of ppl, but I was still feeling like that. 🙂

We got through the red light/ green light room, Elandel took the dragon, Gaijya battle rangers and me and Ty did the spellwards. I felt like our dps was descent, I felt like everything was going better and faster than with the average pug. Only 3 of us went into shadow room Ty, Raylok and me, Raylok went in twice, Ty once and I twice and on my second time I got the real phylactery. Then on to picking up pieces… and Gaijya gets blown off, and the battle rangers are loose. Elandel gets two on him, but I’m unable to pull them off him, and neither is Gaijya when he returns, but Elandel manages fine. I’m running around killing deahtlords, as is Raylok , while Ty and Raisin are on levers.. we miss our first try and I grab one of the levers for the second one. And on our second try to nuke the dragon we complete! Yay!

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