Maidae epic again, finally

I TR’d Maidae into a bladeforged March 18. I finally got her back to 20… that is only 5 levels, tonight, April 23. So, that is a total of 5 weeks to level 5 levels, lol! In my defense, I have not been playing this toon much at all, but been focusing much more on Thunderholme raids, and other raids, and xp’ing Cerge. So what did I do with this toon after TR? Well, I spent 3? evenings running only for favor, so I did my 150 Coin Lords and almost 150 House K favor before I ran anything for xp. Then I ran elite gh saga twice with pug and Temple of Vol elite solo. I was planning to run all of necro 4, but since no one joined my lfm, and I was already flagged for Litany I skipped the rest of Necro 4, and jumped right into Litany. I ran Litany 3x elite and bosses normal and then took level 18. At 18 I ran shroud flagging elite with pug, then solo’d Wheloon elite, after which I was missing less 70?k for 20. So I solo’d Missing elite, hard, normal, hard, normal and then finished off with some slayer in Vale and voila! 20.

But, like said, I have not been running this toon much at all, and now I still need to run House D quests for favor. After hitting 20 I lfm’d for eH/ eH VON and after just this I was almost level 21, as you can see in the picture. Here’s my Maidae sitting next to boy Osi on the ship. 🙂 Look at the xp gained? That’s from VON5-6 alone.

I am still figuring out the kinks of this toon, but she was really easy to run in VON at 20. Wheloon solo was ok, I found it a lot easier after I picked shadow veil. She had perma blur and displacement, but shadow veil helps a lot. My self healing is still rather poop, I need repair spell power and repair amp maybe, and the cool down was awful when leveling. The little time I spent levelling, I used a lot of pots.

So, now I need to level her to 28, and xp Divine Crusader. She has all the other ED’s done, and since I forgot to eTR, she still has all her Karma. If I like this build I may just eTR a few times before next TR, or if I don’t like it I’ll eTR + TR. This is not meant to be Maidae’s final life, her final life will most likely be a monk of some sort.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. If you don’t know what build this is, check Maidae 4.0

P.PS. 😛 I did 3 Abbots and one shroud before level 20.


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