Working on the raids completions

I’m going to kill the wow factor of this post right away, lol. My Thaz is 2.5 years old, is first life with no past life of any sort and a 32p build. She capped for the first time (20) some time spring 2012, and that’s when I did my first shroud as well. For at least 1.5 years now I’ve been doing a raid marathon every Saturday, running multiple raids, often on two toons, but usually focusing on the toon that needs the xp. This means that since Thaz capped for 28, and capped all her ED’s as well, I’d only bring Thaz for ee runs. I didn’t really want to run anything that you could be running for xp, so I sort of stopped doing the Sat marathons on Thaz, and have lately been doing them on my levelling alt (currently Cerge). Still, since U21 was out, I’ve been trying to get as many completions of the new raids as possible on her… still got a bit to go before 20.

Anywho, after 2.5 years as a first life toon, here’s Thaz’s raids completions:

Cerge as a first life did 20 ADQ’s and 20 Shrouds before his first TR, and Maidae has done some. I love running raids, but to be able to get anything else done as well, I’ve kept most of the raiding for Saturdays. My toon on Cannith did a few adqs, vons and 1 citw, 1 fot before she TR’d. On Thaz, I kind of stopped running CitW, VON, shroud  and ToD after hitting the milestone. FoT I would only do ee, and since the new raids have been out Thaz mostly does those.

Okidoke that’s all from me for now. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.


4 comments on “Working on the raids completions

    • 😀 since the raid timer bypasses were released, ppl were doing the raids multiple times per day. I have not… so it took me much longer. oh, and thank you

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