Glada Vappen

Today is last of April, which is celebrated in Finland, and some other European countries (see Walpurgis Night). In the lower grades in school, they organize a carnival/ masquerade/ parade, which I always disliked, lol. Like I dislike getting dressed up for Halloween (which for us is a much newer thing). Anywho, ppl burn bonfires or just party on last of April. A couple of years I just went to a rave style club, last year I did nothing. 🙂 This year a friend of mine wants to party, so party it is.. and no ddo.

I felt like it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, so here’s my blogging, lol. Last weekend I ran Cerge a lot. Saturday night me and Osi did our Saturday night raid marathon like always, we did eH/ eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH/eH VON, elite ToD, eH FoT, and eE Chronoscope. During Chrono Kudesnik sent me a tell, and I asked if he wanted to run VON, so after Chrono, I posted for another eH/ eH VON, and Cleazy joined. I had planned to post for Thunderholme raids when Osi logs, but since Cleazy wanted come, and he was not 26 yet, we ran a Jungle of Kyber too.. and then Thunderholme. Osi and I don’t drop group and repost like Cleazy used to, but we tell the party what we’re planning to run and ppl can stay or leave, and many ppl usually stay, so we had a full group for all the raids.

Sunday has been my xp’ing day, so when I logged on on Sunday I posted for xp runs, starting with VON1-4 eE. My guildie Jedli joined me, and then Cleazy, Shao and someone else, I forget now. After VONs we did Demonweb eE, Don’t drink the water, eH/eH ADQ and then over to eStar 1-2 chains also eE. Cleazy was getting really tired so he dropped group at some point and was replaced. Deli and Shix joined us in eStar. \o/ 🙂 And after those runs I posted for eE Chronoscope, and Thunderholme raids eN. I usually switch to Fury ED for Thunderholme, but this time I completely forgot and ran them in Crusader. Turns out it wasn’t that big of a deal and I got Crusader to level 5. Cerge has most ED’s capped and this week I’m expecting to finish capping them. A few more raids and then I plan to eTR + TR again.

Okidoke, ty for stopping by, I got to get back to work.

Happy Vappu and cheers.


20th Firepeak completed

I don’t know why I started calling this raid Firepeak. Maybe someone else used it, maybe I just remembered the name wrong? The actual name is Fire on Thunder peak. Anywho, I had decided to do 20 runs of both the new raids before Thaz’s first eTR… which I’m still holding off on. I did the 20th run of Deathwyrm some weeks ago, while Firepeak has been left. The raid itself I find boring and the loot did not interest me. But I did 20 runs anyway.

I have learned that if someone else is running eH, there isn’t much point for me to post eN… unless I wanna wait a really long time. This is what happened yesterday, I wanted 30 min+ to fill my eN group, while the eH group filled and finished. Why do I post eN and not eH? Well, as with FoT and CitW, eH requires a bit more dps than eN. Since I don’t want to be selective, and I know we can complete eN even with poopy dps, I’ve just been sticking to eN. I have no issue taking newbie first timers either, I enjoy talking ppl through the raids, as long as I’m not too tired.

While my group took a good while to fill yesterday, tonight I managed to do 3 runs in ~1.5h (that is with waiting to fill time included), which imo is not too shabby. The last run took 17 min, my group filled without issue and ppl did a good job. And then Thaz did her 20th and got her 20th reward list:

I spent longer than usually selecting the reward, since there really wasn’t anything I wanted or would even use. I got persuaded to pick the mask… which will be gathering dust in the bank.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day. Cheers.

Maidae epic again, finally

I TR’d Maidae into a bladeforged March 18. I finally got her back to 20… that is only 5 levels, tonight, April 23. So, that is a total of 5 weeks to level 5 levels, lol! In my defense, I have not been playing this toon much at all, but been focusing much more on Thunderholme raids, and other raids, and xp’ing Cerge. So what did I do with this toon after TR? Well, I spent 3? evenings running only for favor, so I did my 150 Coin Lords and almost 150 House K favor before I ran anything for xp. Then I ran elite gh saga twice with pug and Temple of Vol elite solo. I was planning to run all of necro 4, but since no one joined my lfm, and I was already flagged for Litany I skipped the rest of Necro 4, and jumped right into Litany. I ran Litany 3x elite and bosses normal and then took level 18. At 18 I ran shroud flagging elite with pug, then solo’d Wheloon elite, after which I was missing less 70?k for 20. So I solo’d Missing elite, hard, normal, hard, normal and then finished off with some slayer in Vale and voila! 20.

But, like said, I have not been running this toon much at all, and now I still need to run House D quests for favor. After hitting 20 I lfm’d for eH/ eH VON and after just this I was almost level 21, as you can see in the picture. Here’s my Maidae sitting next to boy Osi on the ship. 🙂 Look at the xp gained? That’s from VON5-6 alone.

I am still figuring out the kinks of this toon, but she was really easy to run in VON at 20. Wheloon solo was ok, I found it a lot easier after I picked shadow veil. She had perma blur and displacement, but shadow veil helps a lot. My self healing is still rather poop, I need repair spell power and repair amp maybe, and the cool down was awful when leveling. The little time I spent levelling, I used a lot of pots.

So, now I need to level her to 28, and xp Divine Crusader. She has all the other ED’s done, and since I forgot to eTR, she still has all her Karma. If I like this build I may just eTR a few times before next TR, or if I don’t like it I’ll eTR + TR. This is not meant to be Maidae’s final life, her final life will most likely be a monk of some sort.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. If you don’t know what build this is, check Maidae 4.0

P.PS. 😛 I did 3 Abbots and one shroud before level 20.

Easter weekend and ddo

Easter Friday and Monday are national holidays in Finland. I still decided to pretty much play my normal hours, except for on Saturday logging on a couple of hours earlier than I usually do. It was a very good Saturday and Sunday for me. On Saturday I got to run with Crush and Deli in Vale and Lords of Dust chain (we were all lvl 18, I was running Maidae), and those guys I just have a lot of respect for, and it pretty much made my day. I did switch to Cerge for my and Osi’s raid night at 9 and we ran eH/eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH FoT, eH/ eH VON, ee Chrono and elite TOD. I was talking to a friend during some of those runs, so I was rather distracted, but I enjoy running the raids and it just feels good having Osi there. ToD did not fill this time, so we short manned it (only 7 ppl) and the run was a bit slower than usually. When Osi logged off, even though I was super tired I still decided to post for Deathwyrm and Firepeak raids, only eN. Deathwyrm has slowly become a pretty routine raid for me, even though I still don’t know the puzzles off by heart. My guildie Jedli has been learning them, and he’s now helping me do them (if he’s online). The run wasn’t super fast, but we completed, and then I posted for Firepeak. The Firepeak run was going annoying. We lacked dps, ppl weren’t listening, and at some point I for a moment feared we were gonna wipe. But we pulled through and completed. I did apologize afterwards for the run to someone.

Sunday I logged at 1pm with the plan to xp my ED’s on Cerge. I posted for eH/ eH VON again, and Osi and Jedli joined me. I was in no hurry to start, I was cleaning my inventory and having a cup coffee, and we slowly filled. I started when I had half a party, and like always I did the voice and the ring. I managed to fall down off the bridge on the left side north, but got back up with my boots of propulsion. And when I was going to talk to the head east, I notice the puzzle isn’t done (person working on it had only gotten 1/3 of the way), so I spend some time working on the puzzle while the rest of the party is waiting south (can’t continue until the head is read). I usually don’t do the puzzle since I have to wiki it and it’s just slow, others are faster. But after a few min I got it done and we were able to continue the raid. I as always asked Osi to do the bases, and he put ppl on fire and ice… I solo ran to air and though I was able to prep and kill the djinn myself, my arrows only showed 0 damage on the pillar, so we had to redo it with more ppl on air.

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Players and playstyle

I have played this game for a while now, since August 2011 to be exact (registered last week in July, made Thaz the week after). I know I have changed a lot as a player during this time, but I also see a change in the ppl around me. I have said it before, but I am highly influenced by the ppl around me, and then when I start to not like the way things are going, I tend to go my own way. This is true in real life, and in ddo. I get jealous of what others have or what they do… I lean towards the same thing, realize it just isn’t me and then just do my own thing.

There are so many playstyles in ddo, some use xp stones to TR, others zerg through the levels, some only eTR, others take their time to run the levels. I mostly pug. At times I end up in a static group of friends or guildies, which is nice.. but I do love the pugs, lol. I kept getting surprised by Osi’s way of zerg TR, with almost no pugs, only guildies, and yesterday a friend told me that he only let pugs into his group if they promise to pike, because he doesn’t want the penalty to xp from death. Others complain about pugs all the time, about how annoying they are, and how they don’t like pugging.

I have had my fair share of bad pugs, and I get frustrated when they don’t read the lfm. Like for example, if the lfm says “farm”, and the person is slow to enter/ exit/ loot/ what ever, I tend to get annoyed. I also don’t like waiting a whole lot, while I don’t mind if ppl start the quest without me while I’m selling/ repairing/ buffing. When I first leveled Thaz I would get annoyed if ppl didn’t wait for me, now I just want efficient runs and I don’t like waiting. But, while I’m doing my runs, I enjoy talking to ppl. For me the game is a lot about the social aspect, and that’s why I like pugging. I get to talk to ppl, and I get to get to know new ppl. Now, when I say new, I don’t actually mean new players, but ppl I don’t know from before. I sadly have little patience with ppl who are just starting out in the game, and therefor I don’t pug the first few levels, but solo them.

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It was a raid heavy weekend

I used to do these weekend blogs where I gave a short run down of every run that I did during the weekend, but I can’t imagine ppl finding it that interesting, especially not since I usually do the same raids.  I’ve been doing my weekend raid marathons since spring/ summer 2012, and Osi’s been running them with me since a little while after I joined Gli Egypt. Since I recruited Jedli into the guild, he’s been raiding with me too. 🙂

Anywho, sometimes I lfm for the raids, sometimes Osi, sometimes we just throw the star back and fort “u do it, I’m gonna go afk/ relog”. Me and Osi’s raids this Saturday were: eH Citw (this one I recorded, see DDO eH CitW with pug (on lvl 27 bardcher) ), eH/ eH VON, elite ToD, ee Chrono, eH/ eE ADQ and eH FoT. After FoT I wanted to do Firepeak, so I lfm’d for that and Osi logged off. Since I wanted to keep Cerge’s hard streak, I lfm’d for hard… and then sat down outside the raid to wait for joiners. It was slow going, I was bored.. but then we filled and got going. It was a good run.

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Thinking about stress

Technically there are two main kinds of stress, the good kind and the bad kind. I know that that’s generalizing a lot, but the bad kind is the one that is bad for our health, while the good kind has a positive effect on us. Bad stress can lead to a burn out, or a breakdown, while good stress makes us more alert, helps our blood circulation, etc. Makes us feel more alive. Now, how do I relate this to ddo? Ddo is a game, but I see the stress in it, or the stress it causes me and others. The bad stress you see when people become obsessed with getting an item or reaching a goal. When you spend all your free time focused on this, and it may even affect your life outside of the game. When your life has suddenly become focused on this goal in ddo. Not all people recognize this. This type of stress can lead to insomnia, lack of appetite, mood swings.. etc.

I know that I have become a ddo addicted, I know it causes me negative stress a lot of the time. I don’t become obsessed with goals in the game, I have intentionally avoided putting a time limit on these goals. But my stress lies in how much time I spend on the game. Not only all the time in game, but the time outside of the game when I spend thinking about it. I am also competitive, and I want what others have. I keep having to tell myself over and over “relax, you’ll get there eventually”. I do have to cut myself off from others’ influence, and just focus on my own goals, not of the goals of others.

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20th Temple of the Deathwyrm

When was u21 released again? A month ago? Well, the first week after the release I skipped mine and Osi’s Sat raid marathon and just focused on the new content, while the week after I was back to my old routines… except I’d often join Deathwyrm runs if I saw one on the lfm. After 10 runs of this raid, without ever touching the puzzles, I decided to practice them, and the run after I dared to lfm for the raid, even if only normal. Friend linked me a better version of the puzzle solutions and I ended up printing them so I could have them in front of me the whole time. The 1st few runs after I started doing the puzzles I wanted to either do them myself or let someone else do them, but after a while I felt comfortable to 2 man them… and the runs started to go faster. I did lfm for eH 2 times, but I realised quickly that I’d rather just do norm with anyone, than wait a bit longer for a good group for eH. eH without enough dps, was just a pain.

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My guild, my home

When it comes to joining a guild, you’d need to know what kind of player you are, and what you’re looking for in a guild. I used to want the raiding guild, that’s what I was longing for, that’s what I wanted. The at the time raiding guilds did not want me, and I joined Osiride’s guild. I remember him saying “don’t be sad girl and join my guild”. Osi’s guild was very small, it had only 6 accounts, of which one was his alt. When I joined he removed the extra account. I quickly found a home in this guild, the guildies are nice and helpful and very loving.

Some time ago I ran into someone I quested with for a bit when I was levelling Maidae on her 2nd life, and noticed that he had changed guilds. I sent him a tell asking about it, and then asked if he’d not be interested in joining my guild instead. He was, but Osi on the other hand was very hesitant to let someone he doesn’t know join the guild. After some convincing, he gave in and invited Miriath into the guild. I would not have suggested we take Miri, if it wasn’t for the fact that I thought his personality would fit well in the guild. At the moment Miri seems to have made himself well at home and is xp’ing with the other guildies.

This week I noticed that another person that used to run with me regularly a while back, had changed guilds. I jumped on it, told him I want him. lol. 🙂 I asked Osi what he thought and he ok’d me to invite Jedli into the guild (when Gli Egypt hit 100, Osi made several of us officer). I am very excited to have Jedli, he might not be fluent in English, but he’s a good (and patient) player and he likes to raid, so yay!

Today I ran some heroic Gianthold quests with Osi and Kottil (guildie), then switched to Thaz and posted another Deathwyrm run. I had told Jedli when he logged that I would do so, so he joined me. 🙂 Running raids with guildies is something I’ve really missed. I do enjoy running with the ppl from the channel too, but it’s not quite the same anyway. Guildies are like family.

Currently we’re 8 active accounts, 0 inactive, 0 recent departures, a lvl 100 guild. We hit the level because of all the saga farming Osi was doing with 2 other guildies. I ran saga only once or twice for renown. I think Osi is awesome and I’m really happy to be a part of this guild.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. Today’s eN Deathwyrm run took 78 min, with several 1st timers in the group, and my 2nd time doing puzzles. I’m somewhat pleased with the run.

Time to learn

Since Thaz capped at 20 spring 2012 I’ve pretty much hosted the raids I wanted to run myself. Not all the time or every time, but a lot of the time. If I want to run a raid, I put one up on the lfm, that’s it. But I’m also very chicken when it comes to raids I don’t know. Some raids I ended up leading very early on, including CitW, while others like VON it took me 20+ runs before I ever lead my 1st one. I sort of like to know what I’m doing when I put up an lfm, so I can actually lead. So, U21 was out a bit ago, and with it 2 new raids. One of them, Temple of the Deathwyrm, contains multiple puzzles that you have to do before the end fight. I had done 10 runs of this raid, never touching the puzzles, and I decide that today I want to practice them. I asked my newly recruited guildie Jedli if he wants to come help me, and we entered on eN. I had an lfm up with no text and a couple of ppl hit it, and I told them I was just practising, one of them joined anyway. I changed the lfm to “practising puzzles”.

I started off good on the 1st puzzle, then somehow got myself confused as to how it works, got over run by trash and died.. later again.. then killed myself on a light beam. I must have had 6? deaths before the 1st puzzle was done. Somehow I managed to sort myself out and got the portal open. Second room has 2 puzzles sort of, but they were easy and I got the portal open. After which we got to the room with portals. I didn’t know that they’re standard so I clicked on both to see what they are; we got riddle and jumps. I chose jumps.

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