Maidae update: life 4

It’s been 10 days since I TR’d Maidae. What have I done? Not much at all. I ran for the 150 coin lords favor, and yesterday I ran some for house K favor. I did not quite reach the 150 required to get the last bank tab, but I should get there when I run the VON raid, I believe. Next time I play her I’ll start running for xp and hopefully slowly get her to 20. Maidae is currently 1 paladin/ 6 monk/ 8 fighter bladeforged, a Cetus inspired build. I’m mostly using the default bladeforged gear for now, since some of it seemed better than what I had, and since Maidae has never been a bf before, she doesn’t own a single docent. I practiced my zerging skills last night while running VONs, by running past as much as I could, and only fighting when I had to. This would have worked a lot better if I had remembered to pick up some invisibility scrolls (not to self: buy invisibility scrolls). Alright, here’s the collection video of my VON runs yesterday. I apologize in advice for my voice being a bit weak. I was very tired, and seems like I was more mumbling than talking. Oh well. Enjoy.

I must also make some greensteel displace clickies for her. That will be the next project after flagging for shroud in a few levels.

Thank you for watching, see you next time.

3 comments on “Maidae update: life 4

  1. Nice video Micki :)!! I can never remember which gates are which in VON 1 and those ladders in VON 2, I always try to climb up those things from the wrong side, lol.

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