Thaz went to see Nyx

I have been playing my cleric since August 2011. Around the same time I decided to never TR, but to try and collect all favor possible. I struggled mostly with Cannith challenges, on several of them I just gave up after a few stars. Apparently all challenges are currently 6-star’able, but I just don’t want to do it. Tonight I joined Adenai for an eH run of Temple of the Deathwyrm, which was what I needed to pass 5k favor. The run itself was fine, but this raid seems to be too buggy for comfort. We took the jump route and I just gave up after trying it 20+ times, and failing. For finding the real phylactery, we just went one at a time in the same portal til we found the real one (I got lucky and had the real one)… and then the dragon got stuck in a corner and we needed a gm to help us. But we finished and Thaz got her favor. I’m also proud of my kill count, lol. Ya, I know, nothing special, but hey, I’m a first life pure cleric. Know anyone else who plays one?

And then Thaz went to see Nyx. I was told that it’s bugged, that if you close the window you lose your tome. I knew which one I wanted, since the only +5 stat I did not have was cha.

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and see you in game. Cheers.

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info.


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