Jarvanna and Schoan pt 2

I have forgotten when my sister started playing ddo. When she did I created Jarvanna as a druid to have a toon to run with her with. Since then we’ve played together about once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less), and 2 weeks ago we TR’d. I do not know how it happened, but sis created a druid similar to mine, and we were both running around in wolf form. This time I had not seen sis plan, and she not mine… and we ended up with similar toons again. The main diff being that mine will be druid split (10 druid/ 9 monk/ 1 fighter) and hers cleric split (9 cleric/ 9 monk/ 2 fighter). After doing some questing today, I wanted to get some pics of my toons for my blog, and asked sis along. Playing with the camera is always fun.

And how about some shadow fighting?

This was fun. I also have one with Schoan kicking Jarv in the face, but meh, didn’t want to post that, lol.

Ty for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. In the pics Schoan is the one with the red hat, Jarv with white/ silver

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