When did this happen?

I remember not seeing Osi the other day, and someone else was also looking strange, but I thought it was some kind of undead form. Today I cast invisibility on my vampire and this is the result:

Is this a bug or intentional? Someone claimed it has been changed for pvp? But but, our weapons, ioun stones and my vampire eyes are still showing…

That’s all for now. tc.


7 comments on “When did this happen?

  1. I noticed this on my PM the other day. I was in the Bank (Marketplace) where everything was fine. I walked outside and BAM, reduced to glowing eyes. I then went back into the Bank; everything was normal again. I then went outside again…yep, only eyes. So then I went into the Phoenix tavern, where I was normal again (well normal for a PM).

    I have not tested in a quest yet. Hopefully this gets fixed for U21 Patch 1.

  2. Wraith form is now more original! (bug or not) And the toon appears like invisible if it is on a place where there is much “light” and it is like was before if there is some “dark”! Ofc this is not always true but it’s what i noticed more often!

  3. Yes, they broke something with the update. The workaround to this currently is turning off lighting in your graphic settings.

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