The awesome players

Lately the word “awesome” has popped up in my head quite often concerning some players. The awesome players are the ones I admire and wish I was more like. I am constantly working on it, but over and over fail because of my own insecurities. Now, I guess I should explain what kind of players I mean? I meet them every so often, and I start looking for their lfm after running with them once. The “awesome” players are the ones who are calm and confident. Who never pick on others, or yell at them when things go wrong. The person who leads others to victory, but doesn’t care if things aren’t super smooth every time.

These players inspire confidence in others and in them for just being good at what they do without having to push others down. They can be min-maxers or just your average casual player but what they have in common is their calm ways and self-confidence. The other side is the lack of care about what others say and think. I wish I was more like that.

Just one of Item’s Abbot runs (old pic)

I keep wanting what others have, and wanting to do what others do… while stressing a lot about not being fast enough, not having enough time, or just not having the right skills or knowing the right tricks. I have to over and over tell myself “relax, you’ll get there eventually”. I have intentionally focused on the journey rather than the goal, because the goal is not important. I’d rather be different than one among the crowd and I may be a lot slower than most, but I wouldn’t want to give up more of my mental health for a game than I already do.

In short, I admire a lot the players who are confident, calm, kind and helpful to others while they do not care what ppl say about them. I wish I was more like this, and I keep working on it.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S If I’ll name some names, the first two that come to mind are my boy Osi, and Item/R.. but there are many others.

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9 comments on “The awesome players

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Micki. Meeting friendly, confident, and calm folks is always enjoyable and something I always look forward to. Running into erratic players who yell at the slightest mistake is just disheartening the vast majority of the time.

  2. [Try to not just fast read this but to reflect of the words. Otherwise you’ll just get bored, lol.]

    I’ll tell you, all the people that are like your “awesome’s definition” have all done a personal work on their inner, who much and who less. This means that they have started a search of what is really important for be happy and let others be happy too. How to do this? For sure not going to find the answer around but only looking on the inner and watch/analyze all the experiences that we have done day by day, asking ourselves why that person acted that way, why there are so many differences, etc.

    And, of course, this belongs to the life itself. This game just reflects these aspects of the life, with the interactions of so many people of all ages and such. Personally i found on this game a nice way to do some changes on my personality and improve my good sides. Insecurities are very normal, mostly when you start to walk this path of inner’s change/maturation and usually the sufferance is a thing that wont miss. I would say, before start to take any decision of changing for be like someone else, we should just think if that change is very helpful and if it would take the real happiness in us.

    Only raising our vision of the things will allows us to understand why people act in their ways and so we’ll not care anymore of what they say (when we feel sad, mad and such when we don’t see the “scene” in an higher vision). The point here is that, basically, we are all influenced by our experiences that let us be different from the start.
    Let me give an example, so all will understand better it: a quite and happy person is walking on the street, then meets another person that told to the first person an insult; at this point the first person would be not happy and quite anymore? This is true if this first person would not consider that the second person did that because in its life (the life of the second person) had just a not nice education and such; but this is not the fault of the second person, who insulted, and not even of the family that didn’t teach the son enough, but it’s all fault of the perennial conditioning that there is in the life itself.

    Moral of the story: if we want to change (and so change the world), we have to increase our awareness of the things, watching them from an enlarged spot. Only from there we will be able to forgive, understand and have compassion for all. Otherwise it will be more and more sufference and separation for and from all.

    Yes, I stop it here, before you all start to throw me something. :]
    Just remember that the “key” is already in us and you don’t have to go find it in any other places.

    • I disagree. I think some ppl are just coming at it from a place without worry. Who can just be themselves without worrying about what others think of them (without having to have thought any more about it).

      I believe we all play a role. This role changes depending on who we are socializing with. I notice that when I start playing a role that does not fit me.. after a while I become uncomfortable and revert back to a place where I am comfortable.

      We do need to leave that comfort zone to grow, and I do try to do so every so often.

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