First look at U21

Monday was Cannith night and Tuesday swim practice, so I didn’t get a chance to log on my home server til Tuesday night. Not only had the static group already done both the quest and one of the raids, they were ip running the other. So, I hopped into wilderness to have a look around, and after the group finished their run, one of them joined me to show me the rares I need to kill to flag for the raids. I spent about 1.5h running around wilderness, found my way to both the raids and about 14 journals, before I felt too tired, and logged.

On Wednesday I’m at my computer a bit after schedule.. only to learn that the servers are down for an emergency hot fix. Meh. Lucky for me, I got the time wrong and the servers were back up 30 min later. The static group was gonna take on the dracolich and I joined to have my first view of the raid. It got a bit boring when 2 ppl were doing the puzzles while the rest were killing trash, but finally we got to the dracolich, and what a magnificent beast she is. I wasn’t quite sure what we were supposed to do, but killing + kiting trash and raising ppl is a good a job as any. In the end the lag monster beat us, and the gm’s was not helpful.

Thursday night I again log a bit later than planned, and learn that the static group is ip running the raid. And not only have they done that raid, but multiple runs of both raids. They decide to run again, and I join this run. Demon has lead and he zergs through the puzzles, and we get to the end fight in no time. I get put on kiter duty, even though I’m still not sure which mobs I’m meant to kite and which we kill. Some ppl prep the dracolich, others kill trash, and some go to destroy the phylactery. I hop through one of the portals to pick up one of the phylactery pieces, but that bit is already done and my effort wasn’t needed. Ppl pull the levers and we’re done. We get 2 chests (eN), I get some mats which I don’t know yet what to do with, lol, but we’ll see.

Demon asks if anyone wants to do Haunted Halls of Eveningstar Ee, and of course I want to. We run the extended version as a static group, and Nico, who seems to know the quest the best leads us to the optionals. We have some laughs, some deaths and a good time, even if some of it wasn’t as much fun as other bits. I wasn’t very focused, I was more interested in looking around, lol. This quest allows you to make choices, where to go and which end boss to fight. We picked the dragon, because of course you got to have the dragon. Someone got the Lantern ring from the dragon chest, while I got nothing cool at all.

I have yet to try the other raid, I hope I get a chance this weekend. I plan to mostly focus on the new stuff this week… mostly because that’s what the static group is doing and I don’t want to get left behind. Yup, I stress about stupid things like that. 🙂

Okidoke, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading and have a great day.


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