Jarvanna TR’d

After talking about it for a number of weeks and planning a build for a few days, Jarvanna TR’d with her buddy Schoan. When I first built Jarv, I did not have a plan but made her pretty much like Thaz’s original build and focused her spells mostly on winter wolf form. She was a caster focused melee, and she did well up until the higher heroic levels. Her SLA call lightning was her best spell, while she was weak in direct combat. I decided that I wanted to try building and playing a melee specced druid next life. As I was about to TR, I decided to record the process to share with players who are not so familiar with it. I have tried to cut out some of the boring scenes, and here is the result.

Note, if you’ve TR’d since U19, especially if you’ve done it more than once, this video will bore you.

Thank you for stopping by.


P.S. We TR’d March 6, 2014


2 comments on “Jarvanna TR’d

  1. LOL, I did the same thing when I went to TR after the expansion release…I bet I’ll head over to House J once again as well when I’m ready to do it again :).

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