Things you never notice

So, I was running Necro 4 this week on Cerge. Oh how I love this toon since I got manyshot, lol. But that’s beside the point. As I was running to Ghosts of Perdition, I looked up and… I do not believe I’ve ever looked at the entrance before. It’s a hollow tree, with cages and skeletons hanging from it. I had to snap a picture. Now, I’m not big on reading and following the story, but this is “The tree of woe”. I googled and found it on Conan Wiki “The Tree of Woe is a dessicated lone tree in the eastern lands of Hyboria. The tree is subject to the scorching sun at all hours of the day hence the reason it has dried out and withered to its decayed state.

The tree is used by Thulsa Doom’s snake cult as an extensive method of punishment and execution where the victim is crucified on the tree and exposed to the same excruciating agony of the sun that the tree had undergone. Conan is among one of Thulsa’s victims to be crucified on the tree, however he is rescued by his companion Subotai in just enough time before he dies.

On ddo wiki it says about Ghosts of Perdition: “Bittany told you the legend of the Glacial Abyss’ guardian. Beneath the Tree of Woe, under the Orchard of the Macabre is the Abyss. You are to explore and seek out the guardian and defeat it. This is essential to gain access to the Black Mausoleum.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I’m sure the tree in Conan is not the same as the one in ddo, but I guess the idea is the same? A dead tree where prisoners were killed?

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