The Players Council so far

The DDO players council has existed for a few weeks and we’ve hopefully been doing exactly what was expected of us. I did notice that there was some confusion about what the PC is, and what we do, though. Someone posted on the DDO forums last week “What do you do when you disagree with a Players Council Member?” This is what I replied:

You must understand what the Players Council is. The PC is not a group of like minded people who make decisions on changes to the game. We are a group of very different individuals with different play style that are meant to represent the whole spectrum of players in discussions about future development. If you disagree with a PC member you do what you would do when you disagree with any other forum poster, you type a reply and say so.

Turbine follows the discussions on the public forums as well as the PC forums, and your opinions are still valid.

Vargouille (one of the devs) then said:

We’re not trying to elevate members of the Player’s Council to “better” voting positions. One primary purpose of the diverse Player’s Council is to have earlier feedback. Topics that are already being discussed here on the live forums are best discussed here, on the live forums!

Tell us your thoughts. Tell us your feelings. Ideally compose a well-written, concise, compelling argument, with math if appropriate. Just expressing feelings is useful. If you love or hate a specific feature or way something is done, or find something fun or unfun, that’s still good to know even if it’s not something you can put into numbers.

And Cordovan chimed in with:

Nothing further to add, both well stated. Diversity on the council will help ensure that a wide variety of opinions are represented. Additionally, we’re reading the forums all the time (like this thread!), and are well aware of the variety of positions about loot that scales with difficulty. It’s an interesting (and complex) discussion.

I must say I was not sure what was expected of us when I joined the PC. The purpose has become clearer to me during the last few weeks. The idea is that the ddo devs and staff get to ask for feedback about… well anything concerning changes to/ development of the game. So far it has been very interesting, and the latest discussions about the upcoming epic 3bc in U22 has me very excited. We are under an NDA, which means we are not allowed to share any details about what has been discussed on the PC forums, all I can say is that there has been a discussion.

Some of the PC members are more active on the public forums than others, and are also more active in bringing things before the council. I am sure we also all have our pet peeves, things we’d like to see changed. For me it is bugs and bug management, most likely because that is what I deal with at work too. I am excited about the PC and the development of ddo.

That’s all for now. And remember, if you wish to get your voice heard, write a well-written forum post explaining why you would want things changed in a certain way. The devs do listen, even though they might not always be able to do as the players want. As always there’s other things that come into play, because ddo is still a business.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.


3 comments on “The Players Council so far

    • 🙂 epic 3bc is scheduled for U22, yes. We were discussing the plans 1-2 weeks ago. How much coding that has been done, I cannot say because I don’t know.

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