Congratulations to the guild known as Gli Egypt! They have attained Guild Level 100!

Finally it happened. Gli Egypt reached the max guild level of 100. You can read the story about the guild on Osi’s forums here. I have not been in the guild that long, I joined September 29, 2013 (see New guild, new home), when the guild was level 91. I have mostly been playing, picking renown as quest rewards, etc, without any real renown farming. Osi on the other hand has been running sagas for renown with a couple of the other guildies. I felt like we levelled very fast. The guild has only 6 active members, and 1 inactive. During the time I have been in the guild we have only recruited one member, and that was because I felt said member would be an excellent fit, and he had just left his previous guild.

I was going to show you the guild panel, but I think I will instead show you a picture of our proud leader. 🙂 He has worked hard to get the guild to where it is today.

Congratulations Osi and the other guildies.

Edit: Here is Osi’s forum post with the pictures I didn’t get.


8 comments on “Congratulations to the guild known as Gli Egypt! They have attained Guild Level 100!

      • I had no idea. It’s a nice alternative considering all those guilds with “The” on their name. It makes it easier to look for it in a huge list such as YourDDO, for example.

  1. Omg, i… i… *cries*

    If i could go back i would just delete that Gli and leave Egypt. ._. But not going to pay for a name’s change.

    I already told alot with my thread, so i’ll probably just make a short one with pics like you did, just when i got the will to do it. ._.

    Now, time to create a new guild.

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